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Clinician Investigator Program (CIP) Director Job Description

Reporting to the Vice-Dean of Postgraduate Medical Education at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine, the CIP Director is responsible for the overall administration and success of the CIP. In this capacity, she will ensure that the program assists in the career development of clinician investigators.


The CIP is intended to provide a formal postgraduate medical education pathway that fulfills the existing specialty/subspecialty requirements of the Royal College and provides, in addition, a minimum of two years of structured, rigorous research training, which leads to formal Royal College recognition.

During the time that residents are registered in the program, a minimum of 80% of their time must be devoted to research related activities.


The Program Director must:

  • Be a faculty member in good standing
  • Possess strong understanding of mandate, structure and organization of research institutes.
  • Have a strong background and experience in procedures and policies as they relate to research in regard to ethics, process and outcomes.
  • Possess strong leadership ability.
  • Possess ability to negotiate, mediate conflicts, advocate and resolve problems.
  • Possess strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Be able to interpret and apply policy and procedure and ensure proper follow up and reporting to appropriate senior leadership.

Resource Requirements

In order to adequately perform the duties of this role, the Program Director must have:

  • Adequate protected time to carry out the responsibilities required.
  • The support of their Department / Division Chair.

Duties and Responsibilities

To the Program:

  • Chairs the program’s Residency Program Committee, and directs the program such that it meets the general and specific standards of accreditation.
  • Oversees and assists in the development of the educational operational plan for the program.
  • Plans and advocates for the growth of the program.
  • Participates in the Faculty of Medicine Postgraduate Education Committee.
  • Has a working knowledge of policies and procedures within PGME and Post Graduate Council of Faculties of Medicine (as posted on the uOttawa PGME website).
  • Ensures compliance with PARO contract.
  • Acts as a liaison between PGME Office and Department, and communicates pertinent information effectively.
  • Participates in training and development planning and implementation as it relates to continuing professional development.

To Residents:

  • Participates in the admissions process including interviewing and selecting candidates.
  • Conducts regular reviews of individual performance and provides assistance, remediation and extra support for improvement as required.
  • Facilitates career planning.
  • Provides counseling services to residents and responds to their difficulties such as those related to stress, their wellbeing and learning challenges.
  • Advocates for the wellbeing and development of the residents.
  • Ensures all required tools to complete reviews, evaluations and feedback mechanisms are in place.

Appointment Process

  • The selection committee is to be comprised of one Program Director, one Department Chair or Division Chair (both from one of the programs who have the most trainees flowing into the CIP), a faculty member from OHRI, the Vice-Dean of Graduate Studies and the Vice-Dean of PGME.
  • The appointment will be for 5 years, once renewable, provided that yearly evaluations are favourable.

Postgraduate Medical Education Committee Approval Date: May 27, 2015.