Curriculum Management consists of coordinating and managing all aspects related to the MD Program curriculum maintenance activities, including revision and production of learning modules, management of curriculum objectives and copyrights. For any questions concerning curriculum management, please contact the Curriculum Coordinator


The Undergraduate Curriculum Content Review Committee (CCRC) is a subcommittee of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee with the responsibility to conduct timely and systematic reviews, revise the content and evaluate the curriculum’s structure and intended outcomes to ensure it is current, coherent, coordinated, and fulfills the Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) program objectives of the Faculty of Medicine. For more details on the CCRC please refer to our Governance page.  Please click on the following links to obtain more information on the meeting dates, agendas, and the template for briefing notes. 

Change Requests

The AEC office is responsible to manage all curricular content and is the only entity able to properly assess and support change requests and determine the impact any new or modifications to existing content may have on the existing curriculum design, content, and established learning objectives.

Note that all proposals for curricular change including new or revised content, format, educational design, and sequencing must be approved by the Curriculum Content Review Committee (CCRC).

If you desire to learn more about the change requests process, please consult the following two documents:

There are three types of changes that could be reviewed and approved:

  1. Minor changes are changes that do not impact the education purpose, design, or evaluation of an existing learning activity. These changes require a timeline of one to three months of process.

  2. Moderate changes are impacting the education purpose, design, or evaluation of an existing learning activity/unit/courses/rotations or proposals to add new learning activities within a unit or rotation. These changes require a timeline of three to six months of process.

  3. Major changes impact the MD program objectives; the addition, revision or elimination of course codes; or proposed changes to the educational design of the MD Program.  These changes require a timeline of six to twelve months of process.

Please contact the Curriculum Coordinator for any questions and/or requests for changes.

Medical technology and communication network concept.

Learning Objectives Management

The MD Program learning objectives are managed by the AEC office. This includes the creation of new objectives, the revision of existing objectives as well as the retirement of learning objectives that have become obsolete. Note that any proposal for changes to learning objectives must be approved by CCRC.