New Concur warning for expenses dating back more than 12 months

Posted on Thursday, June 25, 2020

Starting July 1, 2020, compliance officers who approve expense claims in Concur under the travel expenses claim type will be notified when an expense report header dates back to more than 12 months. A pop-up window will appear at the top of the report informing them that requests for reimbursement should not be approved if they exceed the time limits prescribed in Policy 21. Only compliance officers will see the warning.

This new functionality reinforces Policy 21 – Reimbursement to Individuals for University Business Expenses, for which Procedure 16-11 – Reimbursement of Travel Expenses states “14.1. […] Expenses shall not be considered for reimbursement if submitted twelve (12) months or more after being incurred.” This warning can prompt compliance officers to remind their users of the importance of submitting expenses within the year they are incurred or, even better, encourage users to submit their expenses within “30 days of return from travel or from the date the expense was incurred, whichever is later,” as stated in the policy.

Pop-up window informing compliance officers that the date in expense report header is more than 12 months old.

If you have any questions or comments about this matter, send an email to the Expense Reimbursement Team. You can also reach Lead Analyst Alexandre Gagnon and Compliance Officer Andrej Markovinovic on Microsoft Teams.

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