Welcome to the INSPIRE core facility! This page will disclose important information that may be helpful to a community member when preparing to visit the INSPIRE laboratory facility, and how to get involved with research using our ISPR community pool. 

What is INSPIRE? 

INSPIRE is a core facility for researchers to explore the various fields of human behaviour.  

The ISPR community pool  

The ISPR community pool is the primary method for the general public to get involved in research through INSPIRE. The community pool is a database that retains simple information (e.g., age, educational background) about individuals who have expressed  an interest in participating in research. Everyone is welcome to sign up to the community pool. After signing up, you will be required to complete a screening questionnaire that will ask several questions about your personal background. Based on your pre-screening answers, you will be presented with a list of studies in which you can participate. 

Joining the ISPR community pool  

If you are a community member  and you would like to sign up for the community pool, you can request an account. If you are a researcher and you would like to request an account, please email our team.  

The INSPIRE physical testing space 

The INSPIRE physical testing space is composed of state-of-the-art technologies such as eye tracking, focus group rooms, and physiological instruments like heart rate monitors. If you are participating in a study that uses our laboratory and want to learn more about our testing facility and the technology that we use, visit our page Discover the lab.    

Our office is located in Room 5074 on the fifth floor of the Vanier building, which is part of the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Social Sciences. Visit our page Find the lab for more detailed instructions.  


Free parking is provided by the INSPIRE core facility. If you are participating in a study located in our facility, you can contact the researcher to request access to a parking space. This will allow you to park on campus for the duration of the study. Our parking space is located in lot K and is accessible

Upon arrival to parking lot K, look for the panel “INSPIRE Research” to the right of the entrance.

Download the map of our campus (PDF, 126.36 KB)