Below is our list of online resources that may help you find important information that you may need while using our INSPIRE services.    

Guides for researchers 

For in person research using the physical space of the INSPIRE laboratory, we strongly recommend that you visit our Discover the lab page or contact our team by email. We recommend that even researchers who have used our services in the past review our Discover the lab page to learn more about our services.    

  • Download our Control Room user guide (PDF, 5.09 MB) to prepare for using our state-of-the-art control room when testing participants in person.    
  • Download our Focus Group Room user guide (PDF, 1.19 MB)  to prepare for using our focus group room when testing participants in person.    
  • Download our EDA/EMG user guide (PDF, 1.12 MB) to prepare for using Electrodermal/Skin Conductance and Electromyography physiological measures.   

Survey distribution 

One of our most popular online services offered through INSPIRE is our survey distribution technology, Qualtrics. Qualtrics is a powerful and easy to use survey tool to create and distribute research!    

Through researcher’s INSPIRE membership, access to Qualtrics includes many amazing features such as:  

  • over 85 question types  
  • multiple survey templates  
  • the ability to upload multi-media content within surveys  
  • direct exporting abilities to SPSS, CSV, Word, Excel, & PowerPoint  
  • and many more!    

Without the requirement of any software installation! Furthermore, researchers’ INSPIRE membership would include exclusive specialized support from INSPIRE to assist them with their research!  

Programming resources 

The INSPIRE laboratory also provides researchers with access to acquisition software for psychophysiological data. Programs such as E-prime (2 and 3), MATLAB, and Experiment Builder provide powerful means to design experimental tasks. All computers are connected to the Internet making it possible to use Qualtrics and other online experiment builders (e.g.,; fees not included) of their choice. As well, researchers can bring in their own software and install the program on the INSPIRE computers. If you would like to install a program for your research, please email the team  to request assistance with installation.   

  • LifeData: This web application can be used for ecological momentary assessment and electronic diary studies whcih makes running onnline longitudinal designs easier than before! Researchers design their survey via the online application. Participants download the LifeData application on their electronic device to complete the survey. This allows researchers to set reminders, for each part of their study, that will be received by participants on their cell phone/tablet. LifeData makes running online longitudinal designs easier than ever. 

  • Mindware suite: A simple yet highly versatile suite of software for physiological data acquisition and analyses. Mindware provides excellent resources and support to researchers, which can be found on Mindware’s support website. To learn more about Mindware suite, visit Mindware’s data analysis page.    
  • Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC-22): LIWC-22 is a desktop application that allows researchers to analyze text. Programming languages such as Python and R can be integrated into LIWC-22. To learn more about LIWC-22, visit the LIWC's website
  • E-prime 2/3/Go. This software can be used to build experiments with high flexibility and precision. Researchers can display and record multiple types of stimuli and responses. E-Prime can send signals to the psychophysiological computer to mark data at meaningful times (e.g., onset of stimuli); these markers can correspond to a condition or response, for example. These markers improve the accuracy of psychophysiological data analysis and simplify that analysis. Researchers can access many resources to guide them in their use of E-Prime on the E-Prime support website. Additionally, E-Prime versions of classical tasks are likely to exist because behavioural researchers have strongly valued E-Prime for years.     
  • Experiment Builder and Data Viewer. Experiment Builder can be used to create experiments, like E-Prime, but can be integrated with eye tracking. An extensive manual and videos from SR Research are freely accessible and provide an advantageous introduction to this software using SR Research’s experimental builder manual. INSPIRE users can also analyze eye tracking data with Data Viewer, which can be accessed using SR Research’s data viewer page. Keep in mind, E-Prime can also be used for eye tracking experiments and Experiment Builder for behavioural and psychophysiological studies.


The INSPIRE team holds regular training sessions on various topics (e.g., EMG, eye-tracking, survey building using Qualtrics, etc.). If there are no upcoming sessions in the section below and/or you require a 1-on-1 training session, please contact us and one of our research assistants will schedule a training session at your earliest convenience.  

Upcoming training sessions

No upcoming sessions at this time.