Welcome to the INSPIRE core facility! INSPIRE is designed to support researchers with their projects and facilitate multidisciplinary research. On this page, you will find everything that a researcher may find helpful to know such as membership fees, essential qualifying steps, participant recruitment programs and the INSPIRE services. 

User fee

As of September 2020, a membership fee is applied to each principal investigator requesting access to the INSPIRE core facility services, which includes the following: ISPR student pool, ISPR community pool, Qualtrics, physical testing space, and support from the INSPIRE Lab research assistants. This fee is charged once per year or term (depending on the requested membership) to principal investigators and provides access to all our services to students or researchers working under the supervision of the principal investigator. Principal investigators using the INSPIRE Lab are responsible for dispersing the funds to disposable materials (e.g., electrodes, gel, swabs, etc.) if applicable. They are also responsible for all programming costs should they choose to hire a programmer to organize stimulus presentation and data collection.     

For more information regarding pricing, contact us directly.   

Study qualifications (3 steps)  

  1. Approval from our director, Dr. Simon Beaudry which can be obtained via contacting us by email. 

  2. Your project must have received a certificate of ethical approval from the University of Ottawa Research and Ethics Board. For more information regarding your project ethics, visit our Ethics page.

  3. For in-person research, you must organize a time to pilot your project in the lab space before running participants with one of the INSPIRE technology & research assistants. After completing steps 1-3, please send a request to book your pilot appointment by email.

Recruiting participants 

Once you and your team have completed the above qualifying steps, consider recruiting your participants through our INSPIRE databases via the ISPR student pool and the ISPR community pool

The ISPR student program allows you to advertise your study to students enrolled in participating undergraduate courses. In this mutually beneficial program, the students are rewarded for their research efforts via course credits while your research benefits from a large undergraduate population. 

The ISPR community pool program allows researchers to advertise their research to a more diverse pool of participants. Additionally, both the ISPR student and community pool services allow you to recruit individuals based on your unique pre-screen questions. To learn more about these services, visit the ISPR Student Pool or ISPR Community Pool page.


Researchers conducting studies on community members can reserve one of our two parking space (lot K) for their research participants. Researchers can request their parking timeslots through Infinity. Once one of our research assistants approves your request, you can stop by our office (Vanier 5074) during office hours (Monday to Friday, 9am – 4pm) to pick up the parking pass for your participant.  

Our parking spaces are located in lot K and are accessible. 

Download the map of our campus (PDF, 126.36 KB)

Tip for successful research at INSPIRE  

For optimal success of your research, we encourage you to review the following resources: 

  • For all first time INSPIRE users and researchers, we recommend booking a virtual appointment with one of our research assistants to go over the set-up of your study. Virtual appointments can be booked via email at [email protected] or [email protected]. Our team of assistants are available from Monday to Friday during regular business hours, from 9:00am to 4:00pm. For more questions regarding training, visit our Resources page.   

  • For in person research using the physical INSPIRE laboratory, we strongly recommend that you visit our Discover the lab page or contact our team.
  • We recommend that you explore our online resources as you design your study. Our programs such as Qualtrics can allow for easy and robust survey distribution. To learn more, go to our Resources page.      
  • We recommend that you frequently check the Important Dates and Deadlines page or our Twitter account for up-to-date information regarding our various services.