Learn more about the staff of the INSPIRE Laboratory.

Meet our Manager

VACANT, Manager of Research Infrastructure 

INSPIRE’s Senior Manager is responsible for the management of all operational, financial, human, and scientific aspects of laboratory functioning. 


Meet our research assistants

At the INSPIRE Laboratory, our research assistants are readily available to assist our researchers, students, and community members using INSPIRE. Our research assistants can help you with training you to use our technology and services, assist in many steps of the research process (e.g., ethics applications, designing and setting up your study, programming, and analyzing your data, etc.). We encourage you to book a virtual coffee chat at any time with our research assistants so that they can get to know you and support you in all capacities!  

Coffee cup next to a computer.

Kinsey Church , Operations Coordinator

Kinsey Church is a fifth-year student in Experimental Psychology in the Computational Neurodynamics and Cognition Lab at uOttawa. Her research involves building computational models of cognition, with a focus on the exploration-exploitation tradeoff and how we learn from our environment. She is currently studying how reinforcement changes the way we learn and store concepts in memory.  In her free time, Kinsey loves roller skating at the skatepark, going for bike trips, kickboxing, skating on the canal, and chilling with her lizard in the sun.   

Kinsey Church .

Adelaide Jensen  

Adelaide is a fourth-year student in the M.A-Ph.D. Program in Experimental Psychology. For her thesis, she is studying how the birth control pill affects memory in young adults. Her other research interests include sex differences in normal and abnormal cognitive aging. A couple fun facts about Adelaide: she loves hiking, spending time with her dog Mylo, and watching/reading Harry Potter! 

Adelaide Jensen .

Vanessa Cunha 

Vanessa Cunha is a third-year student in the M.A.-PhD Program in Experimental Psychology. She is currently investigating the effect of motion for recognizing unfamiliar faces i.e., whether there are differences in recognition memory when viewing a face dynamically (video), versus viewing a face statically (image). She is also interested in investigating the relationship between Vitamin supplementation, bone health, and memory in post-menopausal women. A fun fact about Vanessa is that her favourite animal is a giraffe, she even has one tattooed on her arm named Pheobe.  

Vanessa Cunha

Kristina Munelith-Souksanh

Kristina is a second-year student in the M.A.-Ph.D. Clinical Psychology program at the University of Ottawa. Her research looks at the potential neural network alterations in brain regions important for personal and event memory in chemotherapy-treated breast cancer survivors using fMRI/neuroimaging techniques. Kristina has experience in psychophysiological techniques like heart rate variability, and electroencephalography from her past research projects. Outside of school, Kristina loves cycling and spending lots of time with her big family. 

Kristina Munelith-Souksanh .

Angela Katherine Boland

Angela is a second-year student in the M.A-Ph.D Experimental Psychology program at the University of Ottawa. Her research focuses on the cognitive changes that arise in dementia and mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Specifically, she is interested in using electroencephalography (EEG) to examine the electrical brain activity of people with MCI while they complete semantic memory tasks. A fun fact about Angela is that she loves to dance and draw. For five years, she taught children's hip hop and jazz dance classes! 

Angela Katherine Boland .

Bianca St-Denis

Bianca is a first-year student of the M.A.-Ph.D. program in clinical psychology. Her research currently focuses on data anxiety. She has also previously worked on projects related to academic resilience and problematic smartphone use. In her free time, Bianca can be found reading and spending time with her friends and family.

Bianca St-Denis