Welcome and thank you for your interest in the ISPR Community Pool! Research participants are at the heart of our scientific discoveries.

The Community Pool is an initiative to recruit and create a more diverse participant pool for research. We are thus inviting people from all walks of life and from various backgrounds to participate in research. We appreciate our Community Pool members’ participation in our goal to better understand human behaviours from a diverse and representative viewpoint.    

This page will disclose important information that may be helpful to those interested in the ISPR Community Pool’s online portal.  

How does the Community Pool work? 

At its core, the ISPR Community Pool is a way for the general public to get involved in research through INSPIRE and the ISPR Community Pool portal offers an easy solution to access many relevant studies in a single place. 

The Community Pool portal offers a variety of interesting research opportunities available for participation. Some studies can be completed online in a few minutes while others may be conducted in-person, and some may use a combination of both. In-person studies may be conducted at the University of Ottawa, or at other sites around the Ottawa city center. Most studies consist of only a single session, but some studies may have multiple sessions spaced out over longer periods of time. Regardless, please be reassured that – as in any studies – members are always free to change their mind.    

Studies descriptions on the Community Pool will always provide an outline of what the study entails, including the compensation they offer (e.g., gift cards, cash, etc), as well as how much time and effort it will require.    

Additionally, Community Pool members will have the option of registering multiple people under the same email address. For example, if a parent would like to register their children to a research study, they could be registered through the parent’s account. To add a person under your account, please email us.     

Ethics and confidentiality are very important to us and discussed further on the Ethics page.  

ISPR Community Pool account 

To create an account for the ISPR Community Pool  as a Community Pool member, you can request an account through the Community Pool portal’s new user form or you can contact our team to assist you. If you are a researcher and would like to join the Community Pool, please email us.    

When enrolling in the pool, members will be asked to complete a screening questionnaire which asks several questions about their background and experiences (e.g., your age, your educational background). This information is used to help match members with researchers looking for a specific group of participants, such as those of a certain age or those who have certain life experiences. When a Community Pool member fit the criteria of a study, the study will be available in their research portal for participation.    

Everyone that signs up for the Community Pool will also have the option of receiving a weekly email outlining the research opportunities and links to the research studies for which they are eligible to participate in. Everyone is free to unsubscribe from the Community Pool or the weekly emails at any time.  

What are the research studies like?

Researchers and Community Pool members can visit the currently available research studies on the Currently Available Studies page through the ISPR Community Pool portal. 

The Currently Available Studies page includes the details of the study to help Community Pool members decide if participating in the research study is right for them.

Parking accessibility 

Free parking is provided by the INSPIRE core facility. If you are participating in a study located in our facility, you can contact the researcher to request access to a parking space. This will allow you to park on campus for the duration of the study. Our parking space is located in lot K and is accessible.

Upon arrival to parking lot K, look for the panel “INSPIRE Research” to the right of the entrance. 

Download a map of our campus (PDF, 126.36 KB)

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