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Equity, diversity and inclusion statement

The INSPIRE Laboratory acknowledges and honours that our facilities sit on the traditional, unceded territory of the Omamìwìnini Anishnàbeg (Algonquin). We are dedicated to fostering a research community in which all can create constructive and productive relationships with neighbouring Algonquin communities and with Indigenous peoples throughout the region and across Canada.

Our team welcomes all members of the research community. Along with our commitment to French/English bilingualism at the University of Ottawa, we are committed to creating an environment that actively includes, welcomes, and supports diverse students and researchers. We value the different voices and ideas of individuals who are Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour (BIPOC), members of the LGBTQ2SIA+ community, and all communities of underrepresented groups, including but not limited to individuals with disabilities and those who are neurodiverse.

Ethics and confidentiality 

The protection of all research participants’ rights, including confidentiality, is of paramount importance in research and we take all necessary precautions to ensure a positive and safe experience for everyone who participates in research. The procedures of the ISPR were developed in compliance with the Tri-Council Policy Statement on Research with Humans and the ISPR’s procedures have been reviewed by the University of Ottawa Research Ethics Board (REB). Each individual study that recruits participants from the ISPR system has been independently approved to be in compliance with ethics policies by the REB. Names and all other identifying information will always be treated as confidential and will never be released without explicit permission from each participant.  

Rights and responsibilities of research participants 

As a research participant, you have the right to:  

  • Know who is doing the research, and the title of the research.  
  • Have the purpose, procedures and duration of the research explained to you.   
  • Be told of the risks and benefits associated with the research.  
  • Be assured of confidentiality and told how it will be kept.  
  • Know of any compensation, and alternatives for points (i.e., ISPR Student Pool points).  
  • Have your questions answered.  
  • Be reminded of the voluntary nature of the research.  
  • Omit the answer to any question or withdraw from the research and still receive points for your participation.  
  • Know when and how you can see a description of the findings of the research.  
  • If you choose to participate in research, your responsibilities include:  
  • Showing up for appointments on time. If you sign up for an experiment, please show up at the designated time. If you cannot participate, please cancel your appointment within the allowable time limit. Failure to show up for your appointment without any notification may result in a point penalty.  
  • Listening carefully during the informed consent and instructions and asking questions if you have any at all.  
  • Respecting any request by the researcher to avoid discussing the research with others until all of the data have been collected.   

Any questions or comments you might have about your rights as a research participant may be addressed to Protocol Officer for Ethics in Research, 550 Cumberland St., Room 160, (613) 562-5387 or by email.