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Introduction: Responding to Sexual Harassment

We will look at responding to sexual harassment from the victim’s and the alleged harasser’s perspectives. We will now look at how both the victim and the harasser can deal with this.

If you are subjected to sexual harassment, you will be shown how to respond to it in an assertive manner. Individual and third-party interventions will be presented where the primary objective is to get the harassing behaviour to stop.

Suggestions will be provided on how to respond if a complaint of sexual harassment has been made against you.

Here are some responses to offensive or unwelcome sexually oriented behaviour, which has just occurred for the first time. Which response would you choose?

(i) you remain silent.
(ii) you leave the room without saying anything.
(iii) you avoid the person responsible for the behaviour.
(iv) you tell the person that his or her behaviour is unwelcome.

Recognize members’ rights and options in regards to sexual harassment.

Recognize common responses to sexual harassment that do not address the problem.

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