Meet the 2nd year student behind uQuizzle

Posted on Friday, February 25, 2022


It’s no secret the University of Ottawa boasts many entrepreneurial students! The eHub on campus was created to help shape an entrepreneurial mindset across campus. Faculties such as Telfer School of Business, Engineering and Sciences include entrepreneurship courses or program options, and the Career Corner helps students navigate employability and find experiential learning opportunities.

Many if not most entrepreneurial students typically fall into this path during their tenure at the University of Ottawa, yet 2nd year mechanical engineering and computer technology student and founder of uQuizzle, Samuel Lavictoire, came about the creation of his platform as a personal project to stand out in his COOP application process.

Originally from Cornwall, Samuel chose uOttawa for its French program and bilingual learning environment. Having started his university undergrad in 2020, he has so far completed two years of his studies in a virtual setting, apart from one in-person lab.

The idea behind uQuizzle, an open Q-Card making site where students can create and share cards with other students, was first conceived when one of his roommates was looking for an online platform to generate Q-cards to study with. The collaboration between Samuel and his roommates was natural, he was looking for a project that would showcase his skills to future employers, provide him an opportunity to self-learn a new skill, and stand out against older students with more experience applying to the same jobs.

uQuizzle is currently available only to uOttawa students. Its features include an explore tab to search your course for sets of cards, being able to add cards to a pre-existing set, and card set creators options including open editing or closed sets upon Q-card creation. Samuel hopes to keep working on the platform throughout his undergrad career, expanding to other Canadian universities across Canada and to include future features such as adding images to the card and crowd-sourcing others.

His experience thus far has been amazing. Going through the process of learning how to code, create a website and start for ideation to product has shown Samuel what he would like to pursue after he graduates; work with or have a job in the computing industry.

To learn more about uQuizzle, visit their Instagram account or feel free to reach out by email at


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