The Faculty Council works to implement and maintain a good administration of the Faculty of Education's affairs. Its members meet every month.


The mandate of the Faculty Council is to propose, to the appropriate University authorities, according to the approved procedures, recommendations on:

  • the policy and conditions for admission to baccalaureate programs and to professional studies programs offered by the Faculty;
  • the structure of programs leading to baccalaureate, diplomas and professional certificates, in particular with regard to the place and content of general education vis-à-vis specialized training;
  • courses and professional programs offered at the B. Ed. level, in the Professional Development Programs for in-service teachers and in the Professional programs in general;
  • continuing education in the disciplines or professional studies within its jurisdiction: special upgrading programs, special standards of admission for adult candidates, equivalencies in university credits for work experience, and so on;
  • the presentation of candidates for the baccalaureate and other certification upon completion of a professional development program.


    The Faculty Council members are as follows:

    • the Dean, chair;
    • The Vice-Dean of Academic Programs, the Vice-Dean of Research and Staff Development and the Vice-Dean, Governance and Student Affairs;
    • the Program Directors: B. Ed., B. Éd., and Graduate Studies;
    • six regular professors elected by the Faculty Assembly, for a period of two years;
    • five students, including:
      • one student from the B.Éd program elected by her or his peers;
      • one student from the B.Ed program elected by her or his peers;
      • the duly elected Student Senator for the Faculty of Education;
      • two graduate students in the Faculty elected by their peers.