Letter of intent for your PhD application

You have to submit a letter of intent when applying to the Doctorate in Philosophy in Education (PhD). This letter of intent is the opportunity to show your research interests, your professional goals and to describe how your previous academic and work experiences have prepared you for this program.

Below you will find quick tips to help you write your letter of intent


  • Font: Times New Roman 12
  • Spacing: Single-spaced
  • Number of words: 1000 words maximum (4 pages)
  • Margins: 2 cm minimum


Keep in mind that a PhD is about honing your key research interests and producing your own unique ideas.

Your letter must be clear, concise, precise and structured, and must include the following:

  • Talk about your motivation to pursue graduate studies in education by connecting your research interests to your potential career.
  • Describe the problem or question you are interested in.
  • Describe what your proposed research will focus on, how you will study it, what you hope to learn and what your contribution will be. Be detailed and specific.
  • Explain why this research is important by outlining your research objectives.
  • Situate your research in a specific context.Highlight the related literature. Show how your research is relevant and original and how it will contribute to the field of education.
  • Explain your methodology, theoretical approach and framework.
  • Summarize the assets that make you a qualified PhD candidate, one well suited to researching your proposed topic.

Overall tips

  • Briefly summarize and emphasize your goals and purpose.
  • Link your experience, current interests and goals.
  • Restate what you expect from the program and the Faculty and how you will contribute to the academic and scholarly community.

A letter of intent is also required for a selection of Master programs. The requirements for a letter of intent for the Master programs are different from the ones for a PhD letter of intent. Find our what are the requirements for the Master programs letter of intent