10 reasons uOttawa students are voting in this federal election

Posted on Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Un groupe d’étudiants marche sur le campus.

We’re days away from Canada’s 43rd general election. While most Canadians will cast their ballots on October 21, some 4,700,000 electors have already voted in Elections Canada’s Vote on Campus initiative and advance polls.

Did you know that Millennials and Gen Z now make up the majority of Canada’s voting block? We asked students why voting is important to them. 

1. "To elect politicians who care about the environment."
Grace Poland, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Grace Poland


2. "First time voter! I get to exercise my rights as a citizen."
Madeleine Merritt, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Madeleine Merritt


3. "For a better future."
Catalina Tapias, BASc in Civil Engineering

Catalina Tapias


4. "We have a choice between a Canada moving forward or backward. Must continue to move forward."
Luke Gilmore, Master of Arts Political Science 

Luke Gilmore


5. "Because a small vote can actually make a difference."
Noémie Perreault, Honours BA in Communication with a Minor in Lettres françaises

Noémie Perreault


6. "I want my values to be reflected in the government that represents me."
Lauren, Honours BSc in Biochemistry with a Minor in History



7. "The needs of students must to be heard and it’s important we exercise our right to vote."
Hannah Godfrey, Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences

Hannah Godfrey


8. "Because it’s my civic duty."
Bibi Hakim, Joint Honours in Public Administration and Political Science

Bibi Hakim


9. "I get to have someone to represent my ideas for change."
Martine Payne, Honours BSocSc in Criminology

Martine Payne


10. "Because each and every one of us has a voice, and voting is a good way to use it."
Mélodie Coulombe, Honours BA in Communication

Mélodie Coulombe


This is your chance to have your voice heard #ItsOurVote

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