Iron Chef team wins second place

Posted on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Three women in white aprons next to a man in a chef’s hat with a poster showing uOttawa’s logo in the background.

(From left) The uOttawa team, Annalisa Weber, Courtney Azure and Lindsay Trottier, with uOttawa’s executive chef, David Debernardi. Photo: Jean Chartrand.

By Mike Foster

They could stand the heat, and did stay in the kitchen but the University of Ottawa’s Iron Chef team placed second in the final competition on Saturday, February 20.

Image of bowl of soup.

Appetizer: potato leek soup.

Lindsay Trottier, Annalisa Weber and Courtney Azure whipped up an appetizer of potato leek soup with flaked Atlantic Salmon and candied bacon and a main course of roasted pork loin, with sides of butter-poached potatoes and vanilla-scented apple and green pepper chutney.

Sadly, the mouth-watering dishes were not quite yummy enough for a first-place finish.  First prize went to the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. McGill University came in third.

“We all found that that the first half hour was a little crazy because we knew what had to be done but couldn’t decide what order to do everything in,” said Trottier, a second-year biopharmaceutical student. “But after that first half hour, everything fell into place. We were all happy with our dishes.”

“It felt like for the first 30 minutes or so that we were almost like chickens running around with our heads chopped off, but after a while we found our flow and the rest of the competition went smoothly,” said Azure, a second-year biomedical student. “We definitely felt nervous going into the competition but as we actually started cooking we were relaxed and just ended up having fun.”

Three women wearing caps stirring pots on a stove.

Stirring the pot. The uOttawa team gets to work on their potato leek soup. Photo: Jean Chartrand.

Woman pouring sauce into a cauldron as a man wearing chef’s hat looks on.

Courtney Azure stays cool in the kitchen under pressure. Photo: Jean Chartrand.

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