A new director for the Student Academic Success Service

Posted on Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sylvie Tremblay

By Dominic Boutin

The new director of the Student Academic Success Service (SASS) is delighted to be working with colleagues all over the campus to give students the most enriching experience possible while they are here.

“I’m an action-oriented woman,” says Sylvie Tremblay, “and I can’t wait to meet our partners to develop and implement new or renewed programs, services and initiatives, to add to what SASS and other University services currently offer.”

The range of resources that SASS offers students (mentors, counsellors, writing tools, etc.) allows them to adapt to university life and meet their academic, personal or career goals.

“Academic success and the quality of the student experience aren’t the responsibility of just one group or service, but rather the result of cooperation and synergy with faculties, related services and students.”

An alumna of the faculties of Arts (MA ’91 [history]) and Education (MED ’99 [leadership]), Sylvie Tremblay has returned to her alma mater after a brilliant 25-year career in elementary and secondary education, where she held positions including high school principal and executive superintendent of education.

Serge Blais, director of the University’s Centre for Continuing Education and acting director of SASS this summer, is thrilled with Tremblay’s appointment.“She will bring a vision from the outside to the service, allowing us to improve the programs and services already in place, which play a crucial role in student retention and success,” he says.

“I want to help the greatest possible number of students have a high quality, enriching university experience, full of success and leading ultimately to a degree. That’s my vision,” says Tremblay.

SASS was created in 2003, and includes five units: the Academic Writing Help Centre, the Aboriginal Resource Centre, Student Mentoring, the Access Service and the Counselling and Coaching Service. Its services and programs are free and are offered by a team of specialists and students who care about students’ success and wellbeing.

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