Students gearing up for summer on campus

Posted on Friday, May 15, 2015

Students gearing up for summer on campus.

By Brandon Gillet

Alumni Week is over. Many students are getting ready to soak up the sun on beaches or in faraway vacation spots. Some, however, will be right here on campus. With events, classes, seminars and work opportunities, any student can make productivity the hallmark of their summer holiday.

“I'm considering taking a summer course later on. The only problem is that I’m reluctant to spend $800 for it,” says communications bachelor’s student Justin Humphries. “I'm also considering travelling near the end of the summer.”

The university has 1,542 summer courses, with students already registered across every faculty. Many of these courses are intended as CO-OP/practicum courses or internships and are mandatory for students’ respective programs during the May-August session, leaving approximately 700 courses students can register for.

The reasons courses become available vary, according to Isabelle Mayrand, director, operations, for the Office of the Registrar, but ultimately the decision to offer a course is up to the faculty.

“Maybe a course is popular so we want to offer it again in the summer,” says Mayrand. “But also, a course could be in high demand or more difficult, resulting in a higher fail or drop rate.”

Prof. Sascha Maicher’s critical thinking class.

If students fail or drop courses, summer is the best time to re-do them, as their course sequence is unaffected. But whatever the reason students take courses in summer, plenty are doing so. This summer, approximately 15,000 students are registered for courses. Of that number 11,000 are undergrad students, with the remaining 4,000 in graduate studies.

“I just want to get it (a course) out of the way so I don't need to take it later,” says Humphries.

Other campus opportunities

  • Many students are left wondering what they will do for money over the break. For those staying near campus or not living with parents, the Work-Study Program continues. The main benefit of work-study in summer is that positions are full-time, so students can make about double what they make in the program during the academic year. There are still many positions left in multiple disciplines.  But don’t wait — applications for the Spring/Summer session are only accepted until June 12.
  • Yoga lovers will be happy to learn they have the option to attend the Outdoor Summer Class Series offered by Elevate Yoga and the campus Community Life Service every Monday from noon to 1 p.m., until August 24. Classes are held on the Morisset terrace and are free. That’s right — FREE.
  • The summer on campus is also chalk full of special events such as seminars, workshops and lectures. They are presented by professors, guest lecturers and master’s/doctoral candidates. Be sure to check with your faculty or on uoCal to see what’s available. They cover an array of subjects, and are sponsored by multiple departments and outside agencies.

With all the interesting things going on during the summer months, don’t forget fall planning. Check the important dates and deadlines to get familiar with course registration dates and planning. 

Summer course registration

  • 1,542 listed courses (with students registered)
  • Just over 11,000 undergrad students
  • About 4,000 graduate students
  • 7,500 undergraduate students  registered part time
  • 761 graduate students  registered part time
  • 3,600 undergraduate students registered full time
  • 3,500 graduate students registered full time
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