Lycee français in Canada

Are you about to finish a Lycée français in Canada? Read on to start the admission process!


1. Make sure you're ready to apply

To be eligible for admission to first-year university, applicants from a lycée français in Canada recognized by the Agence pour l’enseignement français à l’étranger must be in one of the following situations.

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Prerequisite courses

Before applying, make sure you meet the admission requirements. Check the minimum averages and prerequisite courses you need for your chosen program. Unless otherwise indicated, all prerequisite courses for a program may have been completed during your première or terminale.
Check minimum averages and prerequisite courses.
Entrance averages at the University of Ottawa (percentage) Corresponding marks (out of 20) in the French (lycée) system
98 and above 17 and above
94 16
90 15
86 14
82 13
78 12
74 11
70 10
66 9


  • Lycée français students can apply starting in mid-October for the following fall term. While most programs accept applications for admission until June 1, some have earlier deadlines. Check the deadlines and available programs.
  • We reserve the right to stop accepting applications before the deadline.
  • If you interrupt your studies after the classe de première to apply to the University of Ottawa, you won’t have your secondary school diploma, which could create problems for you if you wish to study elsewhere.
  • If you’ve been studying in Canada for less than three years, we may ask you to send us the results of a recent language proficiency test.
  • You must have prior university studies to be admitted to education or medicine programs.
  • You must also decide if you would like to take part in Co-operative Education Programs.
  • At the University of Ottawa, we believe that grades don’t always tell the whole story. Maybe your academic history is unusual or you’ve faced personal challenges. You can now improve your chances of admission by filling out a Declaration of Personal Experience if your average is below the minimum required for the program you’ve chosen. A declaration can only be submitted by Canadian citizens, permanent residents or those having refugee status.

2. Apply online

  • Lycée français students must apply online through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC), by completing form 105.
  • Declare all current and previous postsecondary studies, completed or not, even if they are not related to your current application. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your application or the withdrawal of your offer of admission.
  • You must pay application fees for all admission applications. Visit the OUAC website to find out which fees you need to pay.
  • OUAC is not part of the University of Ottawa. It handles applications to Ontario universities and transfers your application to us.

3. Log into uoZone to track your status

  • You should receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application within one week of applying. If you do not receive it within two weeks, email [email protected].
  • Be sure to save the acknowledgement of receipt email. It tells you how to log into the uoZone student portal to track the progress of your application. It also includes your student number, user ID and password.
  • Once you have logged into uoZone, check your Admission file for the list of supporting documents you need to submit to complete your application.
  • For technical assistance, including with your uoAccess ID or uoZone password, please contact our IT Service Desk.

4. Submit necessary documents

  • Upload any required documents to uoDoc in uoZone. Copies submitted through uoDoc aren’t considered official. 
  • We may request any other document necessary to evaluate your file. All documents become property of the University and will not be returned to you.
  • Submit all required documents on time. Check the deadlines.
  • We process your application as soon as we have received all required documents and your file is complete.

5. Know about advanced standing

You can receive up to one year of study (10 courses) in academic standing for an undergraduate university program. 

You must have a minimum grade of 12/20 in the subject in question (10/20 for French) in your baccalauréat exams. We will grant you your advanced standing after we receive your baccalauréat grades.

Advanced standing available

Faculty Number of units
Social Sciences
Telfer School of Management
Up to 30 units

For Computer Science: Up to 30 units

For other disciplines: Very limited advanced standing

Health Sciences

Up to 30 units except for Nursing (Up to 21 units)

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For admission to Common Law or Medicine, contact the faculties offering these programs. For graduate studies, contact the academic unit of the faculty offering the program you are applying to.