Build your career

We want you to succeed, to be challenged, motivated and highly satisfied with your University of Ottawa career. Consequently, we offer a variety of tools and supports to help you develop your career the way you want it to unfold.

Centre for Academic Leadership

We’ll help you blaze your path. Our Centre for Academic Leadership offers career development workshops, leadership development, e-learning strategies, and a new faculty mentoring program. Faculty mentors provide helpful support, information, and advice for negotiating an increasingly complex academic world.

Career development modules

The Centre for Academic Leadership offers modules that will help you build both a successful career and a supportive network of colleagues on campus.

Teaching and Learning Support Service

The University’s Teaching and Learning Support Service provides tools to help you excel at teaching, including:

  • Workshops and guides on using the latest hardware, software, and multimedia techniques and resources in your classrooms;
  • Assistance in developing strategies for adopting new teaching technologies;
  • Support in teaching and preparing course objectives and evaluations;
  • Information on distance education;
  • Access to the Centre for e-learning and graphic design services.

Orientation, Training, and Integration Program

Joining a new university is an exciting yet stressful step. Our Orientation, Training, and Integration Program will make you feel at home quickly at the University of Ottawa.

This program will help you to:

  • appreciate the make-up of the University;
  • get acquainted or re-acquainted with pedagogical issues;
  • learn how we support you in the classroom and in your research.

Mireille McLaughlin
I came to the University of Ottawa in January 2011 after being hired for a tenure-track position. The idea of tenure seemed a great challenge to me, so I spent my time discussing it with my colleagues (thanks, colleagues!). During one of our exchanges, one of my colleagues told me about the Centre for Academic Leadership and, more specifically, about its writing retreats and mentoring services. I signed up for both, and I’ve been a regular ever since. Moreover, I strongly recommend the writing support groups and the Writing Days for "keeners". These allowed me to keep my research at the forefront. The support of the Centre for Academic Leadership allowed me to build a network here at the University of Ottawa, which lowered my anxiety about the process of acquiring tenure.

I didn’t have much teaching experience when I arrived at the University. My students were satisfied, but I knew I could do better. That’s when I decided to take part in the activities at the Centre for University Teaching. To sum up my experience, I benefited immensely from the one-week training. In fact, the experience made me feel liberated. The training allowed me to find my own teaching approach and gave me the courage to be more creative in terms of teaching activities in the classroom.

The University of Ottawa offers outstanding support to professors throughout their careers. All can benefit from the excellent services. They really do help! Thanks in great part to this support, I was able to build up a great track record to apply for and successfully get tenure!”

— Mireille McLaughlin, Associate Professor, School of Sociological and Anthropological Studies

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