February 2019 Top 5

Posted on Thursday, February 28, 2019

The month of February was captivating! Here are a few examples of comments we received and how we fixed it!

Combating homophobic content!

What was the problem? A homophobic message was written on the wall of the Morisset Hall for a long time. The message seemed to be faded, but was still visible.

How did we solve it? We contacted the Facilities and they made sure to remove the graffiti completely and as quickly as possible.

Our thanks to the Manager, Client Engagement, Marc St-Amour, and his team from the Facilities, for their prompt reaction to ensure that this message was removed quickly.

No to vandalism!

What was the problem? An external company was posting advertising posters around the campus in great abundance.

How did we solve it? We contacted the Facilities who, thanks to the pictures and details provided by the student, were able to remove all the posters and stickers quickly. Protection Services were also notified to document the vandalism.

We would like to thank Marc St-Amour, Manager of the Client Engagement, from the Facilities as well as the Protection Services for working together to solve this problem.

Final exams schedule

What was the problem: A hundred students wrote to us complaining about the delay in the display of the final exams schedule this winter term.

What have we done? We have notified the Registrar Service of the significant number of complaints we have received on this subject. The department is working to find solutions to address the complexity of systems and to improve the speed of the process. They will also check the business rules in the development of the exams schedules.

Our thanks to the director of Operations, Isabelle Mayrand, and her team from the Office of the Registrar, for their ongoing work in introducing changes to solve this problem.

Wi-Fi quality

What was the problem? A student was having issues with the Eduroam Wi-Fi. He found it slow and was having trouble accessing video games.

How did we fix it? We contacted Information Technology and they sent him the results of the tests that they have conducted at SITE, which show no issues with the Wi-Fi. They also booked a meeting with him personally to check his laptop. They are also working to understand why video games are blocked on the Eduroam Wi-Fi.

Our thanks to Michel Lapointe, Deputy CIO of Information Technology, and his team at Information Technology for working together to solve this problem.

Is it safe to have classes here?

Your question: Why are classes still scheduled in the Brooks Residence when the building is under toxic mold warning?

Our answer: Classes are being held in a building aside the Brooks Residence where they have their own individual air vents. It is perfectly safe to be in that annex and professors teaching there have been informed by email about the situation.

We would like to thank Marc St-Amour, Manager of the Client Engagement, from the Facilities for letting us know about this situation.

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