Program closure

Approval process for program closure requests

  1. Academic unit: Before any discussion with academic authorities, the office of the vice-dean responsible for the program, the dean of the faculty concerned, and the provost and vice-president academic must be informed in writing of the proposed program closure, at least six months before the planned closure date.
  2. Academic unit: the unit prepares a program closure request and submits it to all its academic authorities for approval (program committee and departmental assembly or their equivalent).
  3. Enrolment Management: The request is submitted to the curriculum management team at the Office of the Registrar ( to technically validate the proposed changes and to ensure that the request meets Senate submission guidelines.
  4. Faculty: The program closure request is submitted for approval to all the academic authorities within the faculty (undergraduate or graduate program committees or their equivalents) including the faculty council.
  5. Graduate Studies Committee or Council on Undergraduate Studies: The vice-dean responsible for the program submits the request to the office of the vice-provost, graduate and postdoctoral studies or to the office of the vice-provost, academic affairs. The respective committee or council reviews the request for approval.
  6. Senate: The vice-provost, academic affairs (for undergraduate programs) or the vice-provost, graduate and postdoctoral studies (for graduate programs) submits the request to the Executive Committee of the Senate for approval. Once approved by the Executive Committee, the request is submitted to Senate for final institutional approval.

Additional information

For any questions regarding quality assurance, please contact:

Undergraduate program creation, modification or closure

Luciana Ion
Office of the Vice-Provost, Academic Affairs

Graduate program creation, modification or closure

Annabelle Mineault
Office of the Vice-Provost, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

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