The policy 130 - Student Rights and Responsible Conduct is a tool to promote and respect the rights of members of the university community in order to maintain a respectful, healthy, and safe environment.


  1. This Policy applies to Students and to a Breach of Responsible Conduct that is alleged to have occurred on or at any University Facility; or anywhere that is not on or at a University Facility but in connection with a University activity: physical or psychological harm, assault, intimidation, fraud, misrepresentation, destruction of University property
  2. The Regulation applies to any electronic breach, related to a University activity, a University facility or the University community, information, blogs, web publication, prejudicial chats affecting a student, the University community...
  3. The Regulations provide for specific measures in case of misconduct and the possibility of imposing interim measures.

This Policy is not to be interpreted :

  1. to interfere with free expression,
  2. to interfere with the free exchange of ideas and debate in an academic environment,
  3. to prevent Students from participating in respectful debates, peaceful assemblies and demonstrations, lawful picketing.
  4. in a way that it would inhibit a Student’s right to express their views freely as set out in University Policy 121 – Statement on Free Expression
  5. in a way that it would inhibit a Student's rights to criticize or disagree with the University.
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