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What is a breach of Responsible Conduct?

A Breach of Responsible Conduct occurs where the student’s conduct falls within any one or more of the various types of student conduct described in the examples below or where a student encourages or assists others, by words or by action, to engage in conduct described in the examples below
A many folder on the table.

Some Examples

a- Online conduct or content (such as on blogs, web posting, chats and social networking sites) that intimidates or that seriously threatens to inflict harm upon a student, group of students or the University community or that impinges upon the University’s learning, working and living environment,
b- Use written or spoken words, either individually or in a group, in any format or medium, which, could reasonably (i) lead to or incite violence or physical harm directed towards any individual or group; (ii) create a situation that endangers the safety of others or (iii) incite others to violate this policy or other University policies or (iv) interfere with the safe and proper functioning of University’s core activities, namely teaching, research, scholarly activities and the services related to support such core activities,
c- Abusive conduct that violates the physical or psychological integrity of a Student or a member of the University community or an invasion of privacy.
d- Knowingly refusing to comply with any procedure, requirement, or action under this or any other University regulation. See Appendix 3 of policy 130 for more details.
Policy 130 - Student Rights and Responsible Conduct

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