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2.8 Course Offer and Workload Assignment

It is the responsibility of the Chair, with assistance from the department’s administrative staff, to build the calendar of courses which will be offered for the coming academic year. This task is normally done at the end of November, or the beginning of December, and must be completed before the teaching workload assignment process begins.

A professor’s total workload comprises teaching, scholarly activities, and academic service activities. The exact distribution of this workload depends on the particular aptitudes of the professor, on her discipline, on the opportunities she has to carry out scholarly activities and academic service and to accept specific administrative duties, and on the needs and priorities of the University and its constituent units.

Workload duties are assigned by the Dean, upon recommendation by the Chair in consultation with the Departmental Teaching Personnel Committee (DTPC). It is important to remember that only teaching duties which carry a course code are assignable, whether they are scheduled or not, it being understood that the supervision of students registered for thesis work cannot be assigned without the professor's consent.

A professor may be assigned an administrative task, other than that of Department Chair, only where such assignment is clearly necessary for the effective functioning of the department. Such assignment requires prior consultation with the professor and, whenever possible, her prior consent.

Though a professor's workload is spread out over the terms (spring/summer, fall, and winter) of the academic year, any assigned teaching duties shall be distributed over only 2 of the 3 terms. The various considerations that must be made when assigning teaching workloads are set out in article 22.2 of the APUO Collective Agreement.

A professor's teaching assignment is determined as follows:

  • At or about the start of the winter term preceding the academic year in question, the Chair shall prepare and forward to the Dean a recommendation regarding the teaching duties to be assigned to each professor in the coming academic year. This recommendation should take into consideration the results of consultation with each professor and, where one exists, the DTPC.
  • Upon receipt of the Chair’s recommendation, teaching workloads are assigned by the Dean. The Chair may be asked to provide additional information and/or recommendation into the workload assignment process should a professor disagree with their assignment.

It is important to begin the workload assignment process early into the start of winter term, at the latest, since assignments must be communicated to the professors, by the Dean in writing, before May 1st.

You can find more information about teaching workloads and the workload assignment process in article 22 of the APUO Collective Agreement.

2.8.1. Teaching Assistants

The process for determining and assigning Teaching Assistants may vary between academic units, but normally will be guided by the number of student registrations. According to article a professor teaching a course with written assignments and with examinations which are not computer marked shall be assigned at least 2.5 hours of marker/grader assistance for each credit value of the course, for each block of 5 students or portion thereof exceeding 45; such assistance shall be provided from the time the enrolment number exceeds 45 but may be adjusted to reflect the actual enrolment as of the first official enrolment reporting date after the commencement of the course.

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