Writing a compelling lay summary



Do you struggle with translating your research into plain language? Writing a compelling and concise lay summary has become an essential part of successful grant applications. Most funding agencies require a lay summary to inform the public and media of the nature of funded research projects. It is also one of the first sections read by grant application reviewers, making a case for the importance of the research at the outset.

This workshop will explore writing techniques and offer practical advice on crafting a clear and effective lay summary to make your research accessible to a wider audience.





This workshop will be facilitated by

Monique Roy-Sole. Research Communications Specialist, Office of the Vice-President, Research

Date and Location

Tuesday, February 26th 2019

  • 2:30pm to 4pm

30 Stewart (room 312)

Our training room is located on the 3rd floor at 30 Stewart, a building that is not accessible to persons with limited mobility.  Please advise us of your needs when registering for a workshop so that we can change the venue if needed.    


Target audience

All University of Ottawa full-time professors (tenured or tenure-track).

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