Cleanliness is everyone's business whether you live in a shared or single room. Share the tasks and keep your living environment clean and tidy.

Who cleans what?

Stanton, Marchand, LeBlanc, Thompson, Henderson, Rideau, 90U, Friel

  • You are responsible for the cleanliness of your room / unit. You can refer to the cleaning guide to split the cleaning tasks with your roommate(s).
  • Inspections will be performed regularly. Cleaning charges apply where necessary.
  • Upon request from all co-residents, complete cleaning of your unit is available for the same cost.
  • For those utilizing a shared kitchen, it is essential to maintain cleanliness according to the standards established during floor meetings. Wash your dishes promptly and ensure they are taken back to your room along with your food, appliances, and personal belongings after each meal. Housekeeping comes in daily to clean the common kitchens, and reserves the right to deny access to a kitchen if it is too messy. NEVER take food that doesn’t belong to you.

Hyman Soloway, 45 Mann and Annex

  • You are responsible for the cleanliness of your room / unit. You can refer to the cleaning guide to split the cleaning tasks with your roommate(s).
  • Inspections will be performed during the February study break and again in August.
  • Cleaning of the shared living quarters is done in late August. A 24-hour notice is given to allow you to clear the floors from all items, so the staff can vacuum and wash them.
  • Responsibility for maintaining cleanliness in private kitchens or kitchenettes lies with the residents. This includes the obligation to clean and store dishes, appliances, and kitchenware in the designated cupboard space. Additionally, residents are expected to adhere to the guidelines outlined in their Roommate Agreement concerning kitchen use and overall cleanliness.

Note: The housekeeping team will not touch any of your belongings. If the floors aren’t clear of all objects, the team will vacuum around them. Cleaning charges may apply where necessary. Complete cleaning of your unit is also available on demand for the same cost.

Cleaning of the unit common areas rooms

Coordinating the cleaning of common area with roommates can be a little bit trickier in 45 Mann, Hyman Soloway and Annex residences. Ask your CA for a copy of the “Cleaning wheel”, a practical tool to help you remember how chores are divided among co-residents.

Cleaning of common areas

Housekeeping staff cleans the common areas daily:

  • Common bathrooms, kitchens and lounges
  • Hallways, elevators and stairwells

Note: Any shared room can be locked up for a period of time by housekeeping if it is consistently messy or dirty.

Do you have insects, rodents or other pests in your unit? We are here to help you! Make your on-campus living experience secure and comfortable by reporting unwelcome visitors with the Insects and Rodents Declaration Form.  


Remember that cooking is not allowed in bedrooms!

  • You can use kettles and coffeemakers in your room (equipped with an automatic shut-off)
  • Any other cooking/heating appliance can only be used in the designated kitchens. You must, however, store them in your bedroom if you live in a traditional residence.
  • You are allowed to have a mini-fridge or freezer in your room. Rent from Coldex
  • Appliances that use an open flame (BBQs, fondue, camping stoves, birthday candles, etc.) CANNOT be used anywhere in residence.

Damages on your floor

When damage occurs in residence and no one comes forward to take responsibility, the cost is split between everyone on the floor or cluster.

Once damage is identified:

  1. A report is posted detailing damage and repair or replacement cost.
  2. If the person responsible for the damage does not come forward within 10 days, the charges for the damage will be split.
  3. If you know who did the damage, try to convince them to speak with their CA or speak with your CA yourself, before the deadline.
  4. If the damage was caused intentionally, disciplinary measures will be taken.

Note: If you know that you’ll be gone for an extended period of time, you could let your CA know in advance and thus be exempt from any damages that occur during that time period.

Facilities related fees