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Student categories

What is a direct-entry faculty? A direct-entry faculty is a faculty that offers undergraduate programs that do not require prior university studies. These faculties are Arts, Engineering, Health Sciences, Science, Social Sciences and the Telfer School of Management.

noticeNew students: In order to be able to access the Enrol application in uoZone as soon as your enrolment period starts, you must have accepted your offer of admission at least three working days before the registration date assigned to you.

Enrolment schedule

Fall and winter terms

Enrolment for the Winter 2021 term is ongoing. 

Spring-Summer term

Enrolment starts in early April 2021.

Enrolment Support

Whether you’re a new student or just need to refresh your memory, our support team is here to help you through the enrolment process. Please consult the enrolment support page for information.

Undergraduate course enrolment help sessions

Due to the current situation, we are unable to offer in-person help sessions for course enrolment. Therefore, we will be adding online presentations to assist you. These presentations will help you understand how our enrolment system works, what important rules you must follow when enrolling, and how to reach out for help if you have questions.  They are designed for undergraduate students who are enrolling in a direct-entry faculty for the first time.

You can check out our pre-enrolment video, our advanced standing units and exemptions video, and all our other videos on the enrolment support page.




You must enrol at the University in order to attend courses or course-related activities (for example, work terms, exchange or other activities).

We will not grant you any units or record any grade for a course or activity you have not properly registered for by the enrolment deadlines, as indicated in the list of important academic dates and deadlines. You are responsible for completing your course selection and enrolment correctly and making sure that courses meet your program requirements. You can’t enrol after the deadline.

When you enrol in courses you are automatically responsible for the fees that appear on your statement of account. We don’t consider your account settled until your fees are paid in full.

Enrolment videos

Check out our animated introductory video and our tutorials on specific enrolment functions.

Enrolment Help Centre

Contact us

Tel.: 613-562-5252
Toll-free: 1-877-562-5250


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