The Faculty of Education Award for Excellence in Research

The Faculty of Education Award for Excellence in Research recognizes the exceptional contributions of a faculty member to research in education. Established in 2003, the award is presented every two years, alternating with the Faculty of Education Award for Excellence in Teaching, subject to suitable nominations being received.


The Faculty of Education Award for Excellence in Research was created in 2003 to recognize a professor for exceptional contributions to research in education.  


To be eligible for this award, the Researcher must: 

  • be a regular member of the teaching staff of the Faculty of Education (with a tenure track or a tenured appointment) who is not eligible for the Faculty of Education New Researcher Award. 


The nominations will be assessed according to the following weighted criteria: 

  1. Research excellence (40%): The nominee’s research trajectory should demonstrate consistent scientific productivity through publications in highly regarded journals, edited books, and conferences, as well as tri-council or other sources of external financial research support. Awards and external recognition for high-quality research will also be considered as part of research excellence. 

  1. Outcomes and influence (30%): The outcomes or influence of the research conducted by the nominee should be described in terms of knowledge transfer and mobilization and in terms of the stakeholders involved in or reached through the research activities. This includes research collaborations and partnerships within and outside of academia. 

  1. Training and supervision (20%): The nominee should demonstrate how the nominee has contributed to the development of highly qualified personnel as part of their research program. 

  1. Contribution to the Faculty’s Strategic Plan and/or the University’s strategic areas of research (10%): The nominee’s research should support at least one of the five priority areas outlined in the Faculty’s strategic plan or one of the University of Ottawa’s strategic areas for research, as outlined in Transformation 2030. 

The award was granted every year from 2003 to 2008 and is now granted once every two years, and alternates with the Faculty of Education Award for Excellence in Teaching. 

The Excellence in Research Award recipient can choose either $3,000, which will be deposited in a research account under their name, to be used for their research endeavours, OR a course release to be used for research purposes in the academic year following receiving the award. Every year, the name of the recipient will be added to the Faculty’s commemorative plaque to be displayed permanently. 


Nominations from any member of the Faculty of Education must be submitted by May 1 to the Vice-Dean Research and Professional Development of the Faculty of Education. 


Eligible candidates must agree to be nominated or may self-nominate. In either case, the nominator or nominee is encouraged to contact the Research Advisor for support in drafting their nomination package. 



The Faculty of Education’s Research Committee will adjudicate this award. 



The candidate must agree to be nominated or can self-nominate. 


The following elements are required in the nomination package:  

  • an introductory letter addressed to the committee to introduce and provide an overview of the nomination (maximum 750 words) 

  • a text describing the research contribution of the nominee and how this contribution meets each of the selection criteria (1500 words maximum) 

  • a letter of support by a colleague from the Faculty (750 words maximum) 

  • a curriculum vitae in uOttawa format 

  • other supporting documentation as needed (e.g., letters from stakeholders or collaborators, evidence of research impact or knowledge mobilization) (maximum 750 words per document, and five documents maximum) 



Please submit the dossier as a single PDF document by e-mail to [email protected]