Major Research Paper Guide

The major research paper (MRP) consists of an in-depth research work based on an appropriate and rigorous research approach. Your research project will allow you to discover the world of research through designing and conducting your own research project and presenting your findings in a coherent research report or publishable article.

The scope and depth of an MRP is usually less than that of a MA Thesis and normally does not include the generation of data by human participants. Thus, it does not typically require ethical approval. The MRP could, for example, comprise a meta-analysis, a scoping review, analysis of secondary data sets, an exploratory pilot study, or a documentary analysis. You will discuss all aspects of your MRP with your supervisor including research approach.

  • If you are not yet admitted to the program and you wish to obtain additional information on the Admission and Program requirements, we invite you to consult the catalogue. In order to be admitted to the MRP program, you will have to find anMRP supervisor willing to guide you during your project.
  • PhD program: succeeding in the MRP program may allow you to access the doctoral program but admission is not guaranteed. You will have to submit your admission file, which will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee.
  1. Preparation of a research proposal
  2. Carrying out the research
  3. Completing data analysis
  4. Writing of the major report and presentation of your project in front of a committee of professors

Please consult the recommended academic progress for the MRP. Additional information regarding our masters' program is available here.

According to the recommended academic progress, at this point, you must have already submitted the Committee Member List MRP form to the secretariat at [email protected]. The MRP Committee comprises your supervisor and one other professor, both of whom will approve the research proposal and evaluate the final MRP.

Usually, the research proposal preparation process should not exceed one term.

Writing the proposal, which is done with the support of your MRP supervisor, may require multiple versions. This proposal should contain:

  • An introduction
  • Articulation of the research problem
  • A conceptual or theoretical framework
  • A review of the literature
  • A proposed methodology
  • A maximum of 20 pages, excluding the references, tables, figures, and appendices.

With your supervisor’s approval, the research proposal is submitted to your supervisor and your committee member who have 10 working days to evaluate it.

The supervisor then plans a meeting with the member and the student to discuss the proposal, provide feedback and decide if the student can continue or not.

Once the proposal has been approved, the supervisor then completes the Approval of the research proposal major research paper form. The student will keep this form in his/her files.

If the submitted proposal does not meet the requirements of the committee, it must be modified and resubmitted to the members.

Your MRP is considered a continuous research activity, you must register to the MRP (EDU 6999) until completion. The complete process of writing, depositing and the evaluation of your MRP should ideally not exceed2 terms. The MRP can be presented in a range of formats – e.g. it could take the form of a publishable article or a monograph. (of approximately 50-60 pages).

The MRP Monograph should include:

  • Title page 
  • Introduction 
  • Research problem 
  • Review of the literature 
  • Conceptual or theoretical framework 
  • Research question(s) 
  • Methodology (participants or subjects, instrumentation, procedures, data analysis) 
  • Presentation of findings or results 
  • Discussion and limitations of the study 
  • Theoretical and practical implications and contribution to the field of education
  • Conclusions 
  • References 
  • Appendices 

The manuscript must be typed, with 1.5 line spacing in 12-point, Times New Roman font with 2.5cm margins. The manuscript must be page numbered. 

A MRP submitted in article format must meet the following requirements:

  • The article must be substantial and equivalent to a monograph. The student must be the sole, or first and principle, author. If the student is not the sole author, the student must have contributed at least two-thirds of the original content and writing of the article. The student must formally specify his/her contribution. The article must be considered equivalent to a MRP by monograph.
  • The article may have been published during the student’s time as an active student. Alternatively, it may have been submitted for publication, or may be in the form of a manuscript ready for submission for publication, in a peer-reviewed academic journal. If the article has already been published, a copy of the article as published must be included in the MRP, with the permission of the journal. If the committee members require changes or additions, these must be added as an appendix, since a published article cannot be modified.
  • The manuscript must be typed, with 1.5 line spacing in 12-point, Times New Roman font with 2.5cm margins. The manuscript must be page numbered.

The MRP by Article would include:

  • introductory chapter
  • at least one research article for a MRP
  • a synthesis and conclusion which integrates the material addressed in the articles and provides a global summary and analysis

Depending on the structure of subsequent chapters, it may be appropriate and desirable for the introductory chapter to review extant literature and discuss methodological issues germane to understanding the research questions and/or results reported in the articles or chapters that follow.

Deposit Deadlines

  • Fall Term: first week of November for not having to enrol for the next term.
  • Winter Term: first week of March for not having to enrol for the next term.
  • Spring/Summer Term: first week of July for not having to enrol for the next term.

According to the recommended academic progress, you must keep on registering to EDU 6999 (MRP) until obtaining the final mark.

The deposit and evaluation process should be as follows:

  • Once the MRP approved by your supervisor, the latter plans a meeting with the Committee member. During this meeting, you will present your MRP.
  • Following the presentation, you must submit your MRP electronically to [email protected]. Your MRP must be accompanied by the Statement of supervisor for the submission of the final research paper for the evaluation form, which must be signed by your supervisor.
  • The secretariat sends the evaluation report form to the Committee members, who have 30 days to evaluate the final version of your MRP. Each member must then submit the completed form to the secretariat at [email protected].
  • The final grade must be entered in your file before the academic secretariat can recommend your degree to Senate. For more information on deadlines please see the following link: Obtain your Diploma.

You will not be able to officially deposit the final version without being registered to EDU 6999, having completed all the courses of the program and having presented your MRP to your committee. No MRP will be accepted without the signed form.

Committee members will evaluate the MRP based on these criteria:

  1. Understanding of the topic
  2. Understanding of relevant theories informing the field
  3. Research framework/s and methodology/ies
  4. Discussion of results and conclusions
  5. Conformity with the usual standards of presentation of academic writing

Once the comments are received, the secretariat sends a copy of the evaluation report forms and all comments to you and your supervisor.

The evaluation will result in one of these two verdicts:

  1. The MRP is accepted and meets the requirements of the program; in this case, you will have completed all your requirements. The grade 'S' (satisfactory) will be entered in your file.
  2. The MRP must undergo significant revisions and does not meet the required criteria. In this case, the 'NS' grade (not satisfactory) is entered in your file and you have 20 days to submit a new version electronically to [email protected]. You must be registered to EDU 6999 until the final evaluation is determined. It will be evaluated again by the Committee members.

If the MRP still does not meet the criteria, the 'NS' (not satisfactory) grade is re-entered and you will be removed from the program.

Academic Progress - Major Research Paper (MRP)

In order to complete the program within the prescribed deadlines, the academic progress of the major-research paper (MRP) must follow the sequence below:

Term 2
Term 3
Term 4

Students will not be able to officially submit the final version without being registered to EDU 6999, having completed all the courses of the program and presenting their MRP to their committee. No MRP will be accepted without the signed form.