If you apply for the French as a second language teaching subject, you must pass (without exception) our FSL proficiency test. You are responsible for registering for it. There is no exemption and no other tests (e.g. TestCan, DALF, or French immersion certificate) can replace it. If you fail the test, your application will be automatically rejected.

How to register

The Admissions Office will acknowledge receipt of your application by email and provide you with a password to access your uoZone account. You will then be able to register for the French test and pay the non-refundable administrative fee. To view the fees, please visit the University Fees website.

The test is held online.

If you already passed the FSL test in November or December 2022 or during 2023 and received a Réussite totale or Réussite avec cours d’appoint, you may use those results for the September 2024 admission. Should you choose this option, confirm this when you register online. Results obtained prior to this period are not considered. You will therefore need to register again to take the test.

You can write this exam once per year only.

Preparation for the French as a second language test

The test includes 2 parts: written and oral. The written part has 2 sections: correction of errors; text writing. The oral part is in the form of a 15-20 minute informal exchange on a topic.

You can prepare for the test by:

- reviewing the grammar rules

- consulting reference manuals about anglicisms

- consulting websites like Visez juste en français to practice.

During the exam, the use of dictionaries, grammar books or any other reference tool is prohibited.

Formation à l'enseignement

If you are also applying to the Formation à l'enseignement program, its language proficiency test is also required. Please consult the Formation à l'enseignementwebsite for further details.