Authorization process to get permission for course scheduling conflict between two courses.

General information

  • The Registrar's Office of the University of Ottawa does not allow enrolment for courses with a time conflict.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any request if the courses are compulsory, optional (technical electives) or complementary (electives) and if the student is taking the courses for the first time.
  • A request for an exception may be accepted if a student has taken the compulsory or the optional (technical elective) course for the first time, failed it and is attending the course again.
  • In accordance with the faculty regulations, participation in the course lectures, laboratories and discussion groups is mandatory. In order to meet the conditions of accreditation and to be admissible for the final exam in a subject, a student must have attended a minimum of 80% of the course and must not have more than five unauthorized or unjustified absences.

Procedure to submit a request

  1. Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria’s and the requirements before submitting your request. Requests that do not meet the requirements will be refused.
  2. You must obtain a written confirmation (from one of the professors) that their course components in a scheduling conflict are recorded, therefore offered in asynchronous mode. You will need to attach their confirmation email to your request.
  3. Once you have met the requirements of points 1 and 2, please submit the form by email to [email protected] and attach the professor's email confirmation. 

Please note the following:

  • You are not required to ask the professor for special permission to take the course. You must obtain the confirmation that the course component is recorded.
  • All requests sent directly to the program coordinator will be rejected.
  • We will communicate the decision by email within five business days.

Scheduling Conflict Enrollment Form (PDF, 237 KB)

CGPA Required

CGPA required per program
Department/program Minimum CGPA required
Chemical and Biological Engineering (CHG) 7.0
Civil Engineering (CVG) 7.0
Computer Engineering (CEG) 7.0
Computer Science (CSI) 7.0
Electrical Engineering (ELG) 7.0
Mechanical Engineering (MCG) and Biomedical Engineering (MGB) 7.0
Software Engineering (SEG) 7.0