Introduced by the Undergraduate Medical Education program in 2013, the goal of the Artist-in-Residence (AiR) initiative is to engage members of our Faculty of Medicine’s learning community in creative activities that promote wellness, express emotions as well as develop observational, communication and collaboration skills.

The Artist-in-Residence's (AiR's) activities aim to help participants appreciate the role of their own emotions and world-views on perceptions and ultimately on the care they deliver to others. The initiative facilitates experiencing and analyzing the impact the arts have on individual and community health and wellness.


2021-2022 Amal El-Mohtar

2018-2020 Cara Tierney

2017-18 Sandra Tisiot ([email protected])

2016-17 Charlene Lau Ahier

2015-16 Marie-Claude Charland

2014-15 Louise Lalonde

2013-14 Mary Pfaff