French enrichment through community engagement

The showcase highlights bilingualism and the student experience in French-learning. Through short video vignettes, FSL students deliver compelling stories that highlight the connections between their academic learning, personal growth, and their experiences through community engagement or in the world of work.

Explore these vignettes that celebrate the commitment of OLBI students who, through their academic career, stand out for their linguistic curiosity and their sustained efforts to improve their second official language.

Videos in French with English subtitles.

Videos - 2022

Language learning for engineering students: an edge for their future

In 2021, OLBI launched a brand-new English as a second language (ESL) course designed to enhance language skills and communication strategies for graduate students in Engineering.  The objective of the course was to provide an optimal experience for international students preparing to enter professional engineering fields in Canada. 

In these short video clips, students give eloquent accounts of their experience and discuss the transformative impact their learning has had in building their confidence and preparing them for a successful future. 

Videos - 2020

Learning a second language at the University of Ottawa: student journeys that inspire

OLBI students all wish to improve their second language skills within a bilingual context like the one that offers the University of Ottawa. Throughout their post-secondary studies, they stand out for their linguistic curiosity, their sustained efforts and their courage. The results are inspiring!

Discover, through these videos and portfolios, the impressive linguistic accomplishments of graduating students of the French as a Second Language program. You will see. Bilingualism is within your reach too!

Videos in French with English subtitles.

Videos - 2019