What is a meeting on the move?

A conversation doesn’t have to be in a boardroom, instead be on the move. Many of our inspiring thoughts and creative moments happen outside of these settings. Join the growing trend of holding meetings on the move.

When you schedule a meeting with someone, ask if they’d like to try doing it on the move!

Why have a meeting on the move?

  • Increases in creative thinking.
  • Promotes better engagement and greater opportunity for relationship-building.
  • Improved physical and mental well-being.
  • Incorporate movement into your day.

Group size: Two to four people is an ideal size.

Pace:  Establish a pace that is appropriate for everyone

Clothing: Wear appropriate shoes and clothing.

Route:  One person as a guide for the scheduled route.

Minutes:  One person to record important points (for example, use voice recorder on a smart phone). Be aware of your surroundings (ex: stairs, crosswalks, etc). 

And be sure to enjoy!