We are so excited to welcome you to residence! To help you plan your arrival, read the following information carefully.

Plan your arrival

There are many things you can do before setting foot on campus. Here is a list to help you prepare your arrival.

  1. Sign into the Housing Portal through uoZone and select your arrival time slot if you haven’t already. 
  2. Save a digital or printed copy of your arrival pass (available in the Housing Portal app through uOzone once you have completed the Pre-Arrival process).
  3. Pack so that you can move in using as few trips as possible. When you can, pack in easily stackable boxes or containers that can be loaded on a cart.
  4. Rent a fridge from Coldex (if required)
  5. Order your uOttawa Card and receive it in person upon check-in during move-in. We recommend that you order your online card as soon as possible to avoid issues when moving in.  You will need it to access your room and your Meal Plan (your uOttawa card is required to access the Dining Hall).

  6. Know how to get to campus.
  7. Refer to the Access to Residences map to find your residence’s drop-off location. Make sure to arrive within the one-hour arrival time slot you selected in the Housing Portal.
  8. Get connected: Like Residence's Facebook Page, follow the @uOCampus Instagram account and the @uOttawaResidence Instagram account, join the uoConnexion buddy program, and check out our upcoming wellness activities.
  1. Make sure that you are respecting all Ottawa Public Health guidelines related to COVID-19 and that you are feeling well. Check out the Ottawa Public Health website for requirements for those who have symptoms, test positive for COVID-19 and high-risk contacts.  You will always be able to arrange an alternate arrival time slot if you need to reschedule due to illness. (If you are ill and can no longer arrive at your selected time, Please send us an email at [email protected] to figure out the next steps.)
  2. Remember: Up to a maximum of two people at a time are permitted into residence with you to help you move in, though others can remain in the car.
  3. Bring a government-issued photo ID
  4. Bring a digital or printed copy of your arrival pass (available through uOzone in the Housing Portal once you have completed the Pre-Arrival process).
  1. Follow the signs to your key pick-up location. A map of each drop-off zone is available here.
  2. Retrieve your uOttawa cardkeys and/or access cards
    • Find the key table at your drop-off location.
    • Show a photo ID. Only the ID of the student moving into residence is accepted. Only the students themselves can pick up their keys and/or access card. 
    • Show a copy of your arrival pass (digital or printed)
  3. Move in
    • Load your belongings in as few trips as possible. The resident and a maximum of two helpers at a time are permitted in the residence.
    • You will be directed into the building to an elevator. You may need to wait in a line until the elevator is available for you.
  4. Head directly to your room. If you need to make more than one trip, please immediately drop off your load and head back to the drop-off zone for your next load. You have fifteen minutes in the drop-off zone. Then you can park the vehicle in the nearby designated parking area.
  5. If you are able, please take the stairs down from your floor. This will free up the elevator for another resident moving in.
  1. Meet your Community Advisor (CA).
  2. Learn the rules before making your room your own!
  3. Inspect your room and report any deficiencies.
  4. Make sure you are familiar with the important documents such as your Residence Agreement.

Where you can, please reduce your coming and going in residence from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. to allow new arrivals to move in as quickly and safely as possible. Use the stairs where possible.

Note: When moving into residence, be aware that some rooms or units are already occupied by residents who have renewed their stay or have arrived before you. Items found in the shared common areas probably belong to your roommate(s). Please respect the personal belongings and privacy of other students.

  1. Test appliances, electrical outlets and switches, lamps, furniture and water taps and drains, where applicable. 
  2. Report deficiencies using the Archibus form. Note that Archibus works better with the Google Chrome browser.
  3. If you don't have access to the form, email [email protected]call 613-562-5885 or go to the 90U reception for assistance.

Personalize your room

Express your personality and feel at home. If you share a room or a common area, first talk with your roommates and discuss different decoration ideas. Since the space is shared, both roommates have to agree on decoration.

Feel free to bring any non-offensive posters, pictures or decorations that you’d like.

It is important to use sticky tack, not thumb tacks or nails.

Check with your CA before putting up anything for special events or celebrations. For instance, real Christmas trees and garlands are NOT allowed. You must use artificial ones.

Feel free to rearrange the furniture in your room. You cannot, however, take items out of your room. We also ask you to put the furniture back where it was when you move out at the end of your contract. 

Pets are NOT allowed in residence for health and cleanliness reasons. This includes fish. Service and emotional support animals are allowed by permission only. Plants (even carnivore) are allowed.