Students in our competitive teams work together to design and build a prototype, like a rocket or a race car. They then represent the University of Ottawa at national and international engineering competitions.

Joining a team

Our competitive teams recruit new members at the beginning of each academic year. Each team has their own recruitment form, with information on application procedures and deadlines. Some teams leave applications open year-round, so make sure to check the forms associated with the teams that you’re interested in.

Why join a team

By joining a team, you’ll gain hands-on multidisciplinary experience and creative problem-solving skills that will make you stand out in the job market. Competitive teams also give you the opportunity to connect with industry partners and make lasting connections in your field. 

The uORocketry team with their rocket during a competition.

Who can join a team

Competitive teams are mostly comprised of engineering students, but students from all faculties are welcome. Some teams even mentor high school co-op students.

Two students working on the Supermileage car in the John McEntyre Team Space.

Team member commitment

Team captains and sub team leads typically spend three to 10 ten hours every week working on their prototypes in the John McEntyre Team Space. All members are encouraged to put in the same amount of time and effort. Competitions are held between January and August and typically last two to four days. Students travel to destinations near and far across North America to represent the University. 

Our teams

Team members photo

uO Rocketry

Design, build and launch an experimental sounding rocket to 10,000 ft! Experiment with rocket engines, parachute concepts, avionic systems, ignition mechanisms, control schemas for both engine thrust throttling and air-braking. Learn more about uO Rocketry

Team members photo

Kelpie Robotics (MATE ROV)

Design and develop an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to complete tasks involving object manipulation, autonomous movement, and image recognition. Learn more about Kelpie Robotics

uOttawa fourmula SAE racing car

Formula SAE

Design, develop and construct a single-seat race car for the non-professional weekend autocross racer. Formula SAE strives to achieve the best overall design, construction, performance and cost. Learn more about Formula SAE

Team members with their car


Develop and construct a single-person, fuel-efficient vehicle and compete in the urban concept category. Learn more about Supermileage

Team member with their toboggan

Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR)

This is the largest and oldest student engineering competition in Canada. Design and construct a metal frame toboggan, with a running surface made completely out of concrete, to race it down a steep snow-covered hill! Learn more about the GNCTR team

Team members with their vehicle

BAJA (Rough Riders Racing)

Design and build a vehicle that is able to manoeuvre through any terrain in a fast, controlled and reliable manner.

Team members photo


Be a part of this new team as they design and build a Mars Rover prototype to compete at a NASA test facility. Learn more about uORover

UOAV team.

uOttawa Autonomous Vehicles (UOAV)

Build and test an autonomous snowplow to clear a snowfield. An annual competition takes place in Minneapolis Minnesota. Learn more about UOAV

Team members with model plane

Aero uOttawa

We design, build, and fly remote-controlled aircraft of all types, from micro training aircrafts all the way to competition-ready autonomous aircrafts. Learn more about Aero uOttawa

John McEntyre Team Space logo.

John McEntyre Team Space

The John McEntyre Team Space (JMTS) is a collaborative space that provides precompetitive teams involved in large-scale projects with the space and infrastructure required to push technological and mechanical boundaries, promote the development of skills and expertise and strive for success.
Explore the John McEntyre Team Space