We support undergraduate students in their studies. If you're looking to achieve your full potential, prepare for your career, network with peers or to get tips for academic success, connect with our mentors.

Our services

The Engineering and Computer Science Mentoring Centre is there to support you in your studies. Mentors are available in person and online. 

Our mentors: 

  • Are accomplished engineering and computer science students in third or fourth year who can offer information and guidance 
  • Have a good knowledge of campus resources and can help you tap into them 
  • Facilitate study groups and exam review sessions  
  • Are available for individual consultations to help you learn theory and concepts 

Mentors aren’t tutors — they don’t solve problems or answer questions directly about the course material. Instead, they use similar examples to help you understand the material. 

You’ll develop new learning strategies, build confidence and enhance your problem-solving abilities. This helps you prepare for mid-term and final exams. 

Are you a graduate student? Discover the Graduate Student Mentoring Centre.

Individual consultations

In-person appointments

You can book a 30-minute consultation with a mentor of your choice whenever you feel the need.

Book an appointment with a mentor

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You can drop-in the Mentoring Centre in STE 1030 Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Help Sessions

If you want to improve your grades and learning strategies, stay motivated, and connect with your peers, make sure to take advantage of the help sessions offered by our mentors.

Help sessions are offered in-person weekly during the term, and you can participate as often as you want. You do not need an appointment to join a help session, just drop by the Mentoring in SITE 1030 when a mentor is present for the course that you need help with. The mentor will be able to answer your questions and help you find strategies to stay on top of the course material.  

Help sessions will start on January 22. In the weeks before exams, sessions focus on exam review and preparation.

Winter 2024 schedule


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Feb 6

Workshop: Get ready for your midterm exams

Come learn how to get ready for your midterm exams with your engineering and computer science mentors! 

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Mar 12

Workshop: Maximize your motivation

Maximize your motivation with your engineering and computer science mentors! 


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The Workshop Mentoring Centre

The Mentoring Centre will be open from January 8 to March 29, 2024, for the Winter 2024 term. We are closed during reading week.

Location: In SITE building, room 1030

Email: [email protected]