Prerequisite courses and required averages 2021-2022 - Quebec (CEGEP)

You must have a minimum of 12 successfully completed CEGEP courses, including the prerequisites for your chosen program, but excluding make-up courses. If you are missing a CEGEP prerequisite, but have completed its Secondary V equivalent, you must provide us with your official achievement record. You must have a grade of at least 80% in this course.

Your admission average is based on all your completed CEGEP courses, including failed courses, but excluding make-up courses. All CEGEP courses failed with a final grade lower than 50% are rounded up to 50% for the calculation of your admission average. We do not take the R score into consideration.

If you have successfully completed between 12 and 16 CEGEP courses (excluding make-up courses), the University will require a higher admission average.

Check minimum averages and prerequisite courses for your program

Health Sciences
Civil Law
Common Law
Social Sciences

Admission is not guaranteed. The minimum average you require depends on the popularity of the program. Applicants who do not have the minimum average required for some of our most competitive programs may be considered for a program in related fields of study.

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