Admission for uOttawa students

This page is for University of Ottawa students who:

  • expect to graduate soon
  • have recently graduated, or
  • were required to withdraw from your faculty and have since met the upgrading requirements.

1.Make sure you’re ready to apply.

  • Check the admission requirements for the program(s) you’re interested in, as well as the prerequisite courses you must have passed in high school. The college or university equivalents of these courses can also count as prerequisites.
  • If you were required to improve your academic standing after being withdrawn from a faculty, make sure you have met the upgrading requirements.
Prerequisite courses by province or territory
Admission averages
Faculty of Arts Admission average
All programs 65% or more
Faculty of Social Sciences Admission average
Social Work (offered in French only) 75% or more
All other programs 65% or more
Faculty of Science Admission average
Biochemistry (BSc) and Chemical Engineering (BScA) (Biotechnology) 75% or more
Biomedical Science 78% or more
All other programs 65% or more
Faculty of Health Sciences Admission average
All programs 70% or more
Faculty of Engineering Admission average
Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering 70% or more
Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering 75% or more
Software Engineering, Biomedical Mechanical Engineering 80% or more
Telfer School of Management Admission average
All programs 70% or more
Certificates 70% or more
Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section Admission average
Certificate 70% or more
Licentiate in Law (LL.L.) and Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSocSc) in International Development and Globalization (offered in French only) 78%
National Program 4.0 (grade point average at the University of Ottawa)
  • While most programs accept admission applications until June 1, some programs have different deadlines. It’s important for you to check application deadlines and available programs before applying.
  • We reserve the right to stop accepting applications before the deadline.

2. Log into uoZone to apply and track your status

  • Submit your new application through uoZone. Go to the Admission file section.
  • You should receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application within two weeks of applying. Keep an eye on your junk mail inbox just in case. If you do not receive it within two weeks, email
  • Be sure to save the acknowledgement of receipt email. It tells you how to log into the uoZone student portal to track the progress of your application. It also includes your student number, user ID and password.
  • Once you have logged into uoZone, check your Admission file for the list of supporting documents you need to submit to complete your application.

3. Know about advanced standing

  • We can only grant you advanced standing for less than half the units you have completed in a program at another postsecondary institution. You must complete more than half the units for your program here to receive a University of Ottawa bachelor’s degree.
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