Canadian university transfers

You are currently studying or have studied in a Canadian university.

1 - Prepare your application

Explore our programs.

  • In some programs, you can apply to French Immersion Studies or the Extended French Stream. Just indicate your choice on the application form.

Check below the admission average, prerequisite courses and additional requirements you need for the program(s) you’re interested in. You must have taken these prerequisites in secondary school or their college equivalents.

Prerequisite courses by province or territory
Admission averages
Faculty of Arts Admission average
Digital Journalism, Public Relations and Communication 70% or more
All other programs 65% or more
Faculty of Social Sciences Admission average
Social Work (offered in French only) Competitive admission
All other programs 65% or more
Faculty of Science Admission average
Biochemistry (BSc) and Chemical Engineering (BScA) (Biotechnology) 75% or more
Biomedical Science 78% or more
All other programs 65% or more
Faculty of Health Sciences Admission average
All programs 75% or more
Faculty of Engineering Admission average
Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering 70% or more
Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, Biomedical Mechanical Engineering 75% or more
Telfer School of Management Admission average
All programs 70% or more
Certificates 70% or more
Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section Admission average
Certificate 70% or more
Licentiate in Law (LL.L.) and Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSocSc) in International Development and Globalization (offered in French only) 80%
National Program 4.0 (grade point average at the University of Ottawa)
  • For some programs you may have to provide additional supporting documents or pass an audition or exam.
  • If you have been studying in Canada for less than three years, you may have to pass a language test. We may also request the results of a language test if we consider this necessary.

Make sure to check application deadlines and available programs.

  • While most programs accept admission applications until June 1, some programs have different deadlines. It’s important for you to check this information before applying.
  • We reserve the right to stop accepting applications before the deadline.

2 - Submit your application

Apply online through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre OUAC) website using the OUAC 105D form.


  • You must declare all current and previous postsecondary studies, completed or not, even if they are not related to your current application. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your application or the withdrawal of your offer of admission at any time.
  • Application fees are required for all admission applications. Visit the OUAC website to find out which fees you need to pay.​​​​​

3 - Provide the documents required to fully evaluate your file

Please check uoZone for the list of documents we require in order to evaluate your admission application. Please send all documents to the Admissions Office by uploading them to uoDoc, via uoZone. We will assess your application for admission when we have received all required documents.

Official transcript from your university

  • If you’ve studied at an Ontario university you must complete the Transcript Request Form (105) on the OUAC website.
  • If your university was in another province or territory, you must authorize it to send your transcript directly to the University of Ottawa by mail.

Secondary school transcript

  • Required if you have completed less than two years of postsecondary studies.
  • Required if you took the prerequisite courses for your program in secondary school.
  • You are responsible for having your secondary school transcript sent to the University by mail. 

Postsecondary school transcripts

  • Required for all current and passed postsecondary studies, successfully completed or not.

Other documents

  • Codes and titles of courses you are currently taking.
  • Official descriptions of all courses taken in university that could be recognized for advanced standing (descriptions must come from the university calendar or bear the university seal).
Information IconThe University of Ottawa may request any other document that it considers necessary to evaluate your file. All documents become property of the University of Ottawa. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that the University receives all requested documents by the deadline.

4 - Learn about how your application is handled

When evaluating your application, we may decide to grant you advanced standing if you have passed courses that meet the requirements of the program in question with a grade of at least 60%.

  • We work with a consortium of six Ontario universities to make it easier for students to receive credits for courses they have already taken.
  • The table of course equivalencies for popular and high enrolment courses can give you more information about this.
  • We calculate your admission average according to our official alphanumeric grading system, which can vary from methods used by other universities. The final calculation of your average could therefore differ from the calculation you may have received from another institution.

Admissions decisions are not all sent out at the same time. The program you have chosen and the strength of your application can determine when your admission decision is sent outYou might receive our decision on your application to one program, but our decision on another might come later.

5 - Keep informed after sending in your application

We will acknowledge receipt of your application within two weeks by email. Save this message, because it contains your student number, your uoAccess ID and the password you’ll need to track your application in uoZone and know if you need to send additional documents.

Track your application by accessing your admission file in uoZone. Remember: your uoAccess ID and password are included in the acknowledgement of receipt of your application.

  1. Go to the Students page.
  2. In the uoZone box, click Login.
  3. Type your uoAccess ID and password.
  4. Click Login.
Information IconNot checking your admission file, personal or @uOttawa email is not considered justification for the University to re-open your admission application or offer of admission file once it has been cancelled or closed.
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