Formation à l’enseignement - Part Time (French Only)

This page is for applicants who hold an undergraduate degree and teach in a French-language school in Ontario under a letter of permission or who wish to obtain the necessary qualifications to teach as a second or third career.

1 - Make sure that you are eligible before applying

Before you choose this program, take note of the information in the program description to ensure that the sequence of courses for 2019–2021 is compatible with your needs. This program begins in the month of July.

  • It is not possible to transfer from the alternative, three-year program to the regular, two-year program.

If you hold a university degree, first check the requirements below. Your eligibility depends on the type of degree obtained, your academic average, prerequisite courses for the teaching subject, the French proficiency test, and other requirements. As the number of places is limited, admission is offered to the applicants with the best scores, in accordance with registration targets for each teaching subject and division. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

University degree

Must be accredited by an official body such as a provincial ministry of education, the Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche scientifique (MESRS), or the national ministry of education in your country. These are the only ministries that are authorized to issue a university degree. Your program must have been accredited when you received your degree.

  • In Canada: University bachelor’s degree of at least 90 credits or specialized four-year bachelor’s degree from an Ontario college.
  • Foreign institutions: University degree of 180 ECTS credits in a single program, issued by a university (e.g. licence, engineering degree).

We do not accept the following foreign degrees:

Diplôme d’État issued by an institution that is not authorized to grant a university degree

Non-university degree leading to professional insertion

BAC + 3 (or more) degree from a higher educational institution that is not accredited by the MESRS or the national ministry of education in your country

University degree, even if it comprises 180 ECTS credits (e.g. Hautes Écoles)

30-, 60- or 120-ECTS degree (e.g. master 1, master 2, DESS, 120-ECTS master’s)

Combined degrees (e.g. 120-ECTS DEUG + 60-ECTS master)

If in doubt, please contact us.


An applicant’s average counts for 50% of the admission decision. Make sure that you have the minimum average required for admission.

  • In Canada: At least 66% in your 20 best undergraduate university courses of one full semester before September 1 of the year preceding registration in the program. If you have completed fewer than 20 courses, all courses completed to date will be considered. Grades obtained at the college/CEGEP/graduate level are not included in the calculation.
  • Foreign institutions: At least 66% based on the annual grade point average (e.g. 10/20, pass, satisfactory)

Divisions and teaching subjects

  • Primary/Junior (Kindergarten to Grade 6) – offered online.
    No prerequisites required.


You must have acquired experience and skills relevant to the teaching profession. Experience is an integral part of program admission. However, it cannot replace the teaching subject requirements. You must submit an Experience profile, which counts for 50% of the admission decision, and obtain a minimum score of 66%. Note that the Experience profile cannot compensate for a low academic average, and vice versa. If either your Experience profile score or your academic average fails to meet the minimum requirement, your application may be denied.

The following will not be evaluated: letters of recommendation, curriculum vitae, business cards, or documents that were not expressly requested.

French proficiency test

Even if you are Francophone, have studied in French, or have completed a French immersion program, you are required to take the French proficiency test. It cannot be substituted by any other test. Make sure to prepare.

Good to know

  • Access program: Spaces are reserved for the following groups: Aboriginal peoples (2%), persons with disabilities (3%), and members of visible minorities (9%). Please specify the group with which you identify at the end of the online Experience profile.
  • Proof of teaching in a French-language school in Ontario (letter of permission): If you work as a teacher in an Ontario school under an OCT letter of permission.
  • Agreement between the University of Ottawa and the Aurores Boréales and Providence school boards: Six places in the Primary/Juinor division are reserved for applicants who live in the catchment area for these school boards. To be eligible, you must complete the form and have it signed by the school board.

2 - Apply online

To apply for admission to both the alternative, part-time program (three years) and the regular, full-time program (two years), submit two distinct applications.

  • Part-time: Submit your application directly to the University of Ottawa with the non-refundable application fee and the Experience profile evaluation fee. If you are also applying to the full-time program, you will not be required to pay the Experience profile evaluation fee, as it is already included in the application you will submit to the OUAC.
  • Full-time: Submit your application to the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC). Be sure to complete the TEAS form.
    • Indicate your choices in order of preference, as if you are admitted, you will only receive one offer.
  • You must disclose all ongoing and completed postsecondary studies. If you have a master’s or doctorate, you are still required to include your undergraduate studies (e.g. university bachelor’s degree, licence, engineering degree).

3 - Track your application

  • You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application within two weeks of applying. This message sometimes ends up in applicants’ spam folders, so be sure to check yours. If you have not received an email acknowledging receipt two weeks after applying, contact us.
  • Be sure not to lose the email acknowledging receipt, as it contains instructions on how to log into the uoZone student portal to track your application. It also includes your student number, uoAccess ID, and password.

4 - Submit the required documents

Log in to uoZone and see the list of required documents. You are responsible for uploading them in uoZone by the deadline. If you apply for the FSL teaching subject, the results of your language proficiency test will be sent to us by the Faculty. With this exception, if your file remains incomplete after the deadline, your application may be cancelled without notice.

Don’t forget your:

  • Undergraduate diploma: You cannot be admitted based on a master’s, AGD, or doctoral degree. You must submit a copy (or proof of completion) of an undergraduate diploma.
    • You are not required to submit your diploma if your degree transcript indicates that you have been awarded the diploma.
    • Evaluations by World Education Services (WES) or the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (for degrees outside Quebec), or by any other organization, cannot replace an official diploma, a transcript, or the evaluation done by the University of Ottawa for the purposes of obtaining professional certification.
  • Degree transcripts: Upload the grades from all your years of study to uoDoc via uoZone in a single PDF file (e.g.: Foreign study: DEUG 1 and 2 + licence, licence 1 + 2 + 3). Please note that this file will not be considered official.
    • You are not required to submit University of Ottawa transcripts or transcripts sent by OUAC if you checked the box marked “immediately.”
    • If you receive an offer of admission, you will be required to provide an official transcript marked with an official seal and issued by the educational institution, or a copy certified by a notary, lawyer, or commissioner for oaths.
    • Transcripts from graduate or postdoctoral studies are not necessary.
  • Protected corridors:
    • Proof of teaching in a French-language school in Ontario (letter of permission) – Letter attesting to the fact that you teach in a French-language school in Ontario and letter of support from your school principal.
    • Agreements between the University of Ottawa and the Aurores Boréales and Providence school boards – Complete the form for Aurores Boréales or Providence.
  • Experience profile: Complete the profile online at the link in your uoZone account. Only this document will be accepted. If you applied in a previous year and have already submitted a profile, you must submit a new one including your most recent experience.
    • Only ONE profile is required, regardless of the number of options you apply for.
  • French proficiency test: Register and pay the registration fee online at the link in your uoZone account.
    • This test can only be taken once a year.
NoticeThe University of Ottawa reserves the right to request any other document it deems necessary to evaluate your application. All documents will become the property of the University of Ottawa and will not be returned. It’s up to you to make sure that the University receives all documents by the deadline.

5 - Admissions decisions

We begin sending out decisions in early February for files completed by mid-December.  For files completed after this date, decisions will go out as of mid-February until we reach our targets by division and teaching subject. We send you an email once we make a decision.

Respond to your offer of admission by the deadline and submit the non-refundable deposit of $250 by the date indicated in your offer.


Please consult our Frequently asked questions for any other information you may require.

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