I've been admitted

You’ve received an offer of admission, congratulations!

We will email you to let you know a decision has been made. You need to open a session in uoZone to check your admission file and view the details of your offer.

To access your admission file, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Students page.
  2. In the uoZone box, click Login.
  3. Type your uoAccess ID and password.
  4. Click Login.
  5. Under Admission file, click on the desired program.

If you have difficulty accessing your account, make a Service Desk request.

Your admission file contains information on:

  • your offer of admission
  • requirements you must meet
  • accepting your offer
  • reserving a place in University housing
  • any scholarships or advanced standing granted to you
Applications and offers of admission are only valid for the program, year and session indicated. We can’t defer admissions.

If you need to make any changes

Even if you have an offer of admission, you can still make changes to your original application. Email us at admissions@uOttawa.ca to find out if the changes you would like to make are possible and the steps to follow to request them.

Say “Yes”!

Follow the instructions in your admission file to accept your offer, and make sure you really understand all its conditions. The offer almost always has conditions.

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You must accept your offer of admission by the deadline indicated.

Start planning your transition to the University of Ottawa

Once you have accepted your offer, find out about the course enrolment process. Enrolment usually begins in mid-May for first-year students.

Don’t forget to research scholarship and bursary opportunities by using Online Scholarships and Bursaries, also available in uoZone, under Applications.

Careful budgeting is another important element of being well prepared for university life and the financial responsibilities it brings. Visit the financial aid and awards site for tools, forms and financial planning information to help you keep your finances on track so you can stay focused on your studies.

Canadian students

In the months before you arrive at uOttawa, check the Student guide and join our Facebook group for future students.

International students

If you’re an international student, be sure to follow the steps below in the months leading up to your arrival in Canada.

  • Obtain you study permit. You must have your study permit from the Government of Canada before arriving in order to study here. Find out about the Government of Canada requirements to study in Canada.
  • Learn about the International Office, which manages the International Mentoring Centre, organizes social and cultural activities, holds orientation sessions for international students…and more! The International Office and its mentors are here for you, to help you get used to your new home, meet new friends and get you off on the right foot for success at the University of Ottawa.
  • Join the International Office Facebook page to find out what’s going on at the University of Ottawa and to get to know some of our mentors and students.

Also, once you’ve arrived, you’ll need to attend an orientation session for international students, a mandatory activity for all new international students. Be sure you make plans to arrive in Ottawa in time to attend. It takes place about a week before classes begin. Check out the information for newly admitted international students for all the details.

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