Learn to communicate effectively in French in a professional context, whether for business exchanges or writing documents. Improve your language skills and give your career a boost.

Course description

The Intermediate French for the workplace program focuses on oral communication, professional communication, vocabulary acquisition, as well as the exploration of grammar rules and frequent verb tenses.

In this course, knowledge is co-constructed by the whole class, resulting in a learning community where participants are engaged in their training.

Course activities include informal presentations, group work, tasks, discussion groups, analysis of language resources and personal reflection.

The course includes 24 hours of synchronous online instruction, as well as individual and collaborative assignments. Online course activities include pair work, online discussions in small groups and as a whole class, as well as communication activities.

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Who is this course for?

The Intermediate French for the workplace program is for people who use French as a second language looking to polish their professional communication skills. This includes:

  • Business professionals: If you’re working or planning to work in business, our course will give you the French language skills you need.
  • Professionals working in global markets: We’ll help you become fluent in French, which is important for doing business in French-speaking markets.
  • Job seekers: If you’re looking for a job or studying in an French-speaking country, this course is a valuable tool, making you more attractive to employers and improving your academic performance.
  • Diplomats and government officials: If you deal with international partners in French, this course will improve your ability to communicate effectively and clearly.

Learning Objectives

Master essential intermediate-level language skills: Perfect your French reading, writing, listening and oral communication skills. You’ll use real, work-related examples to strengthen your language abilities.

Practise your oral expression to communicate clearly and effectively at work: Enrich your French vocabulary by focusing on terms and expressions related to the workplace. Use the proper vocabulary to describe concepts, give instructions, negotiate and express ideas in a work setting.

Master the intermediate-level rules of grammar and verb tenses: Explore key grammar rules and verb tenses frequently used in a work setting, and apply them correctly in conversations and relevant texts.

Develop your work communication: Take part in online discussions on work-related topics in small groups and in class. You’ll improve your ability to make an argument, express opinions and give clear explanations.

Communicate effectively in the working world: Learn to present yourself professionally, describe concepts, give instructions and negotiate. The language skills you acquire will allow you to interact successfully in a francophone work environment.

Teaching approach and delivery mode

In this course, knowledge is co-constructed by the whole class rather than shared more formally by the teacher, resulting in a learning community where participants are engaged in their learning. Course activities include informal presentations, group work, tasks, discussion groups, resource analysis and personal reflection.

Admission requirements

To enrol in a course, you must:

  •  Have completed high school.
  •  Demonstrate good French skills, through your score on one of the following:

                   o DELF: At least A2 (advanced) or B1

If you haven’t taken an French proficiency test, don’t worry. You can take an online test given by the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute. This test will help us make sure your course is right for you.

Here are some examples of the level of French language required:

  • Can describe facts, events and experiences.
  • Can present ideas, feelings and/or reactions and give opinions.
  • Can connect a series of short, simple, discrete points into a coherent discourse.
  • Has a good command of simple sentence structure and the most common complex sentences.
  • Gender and number agreement, pronouns, verbal markers, etc.
  • Can speak in past tenses (imperfect and compound past), future tenses (simple and near future) and present tenses.

Upcoming online courses

DateScheduleTuition (per course)
September 3 to October 24, 2024Tuesdays and Thursdays: 11:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.CA$ 839
October 29 to December 19, 2024Tuesdays and Thursdays: 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.CA$ 839
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