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We provide the facilities and related resources for the university to achieve academic excellence in learning, teaching and research. Our work is guided by the values of professionalism, accountability, sustainability, teamwork and continuous improvement.

Organizational values

Our focus is to improve client satisfaction and to deliver value to the University Of Ottawa


  • Design and maintain a physical environment conducive to achieving the University's mission.
  • Ensure the campus is readily accessible to members of the University community.
  • Provide a professional design and project management service for new construction as well as for the renovation and refurbishing of existing buildings.
  • Create a safe and healthy teaching and working environment for members of the University community.
  • Maintain and improve the functional quality and esthetics of indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Maintain and improve the performance of all building systems (lighting, heating, etc.).
  • Carry out preventive maintenance in order to improve performance and extend the life of building equipment, furniture and interior finishes.
  • Develop and implement a campus master plan as well as anticipate demand and expand central utilities to meet future needs.
  • Prepare and manage construction and operating budgets that respect the overall financial plans and priorities of the Service and the University.
  • Initiate and implement innovative energy management systems that mitigate the negative environmental impact of central utilities.
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