Electrical & Instrumentation

Monitors in the power plant


The Electrical team manages a variety of projects pertaining to the installation, repair, and general maintenance of the campus’ electrical equipment and systems. We also advise other teams on how to maximise the efficient, safe, and economical use of our equipment and participate in Facilities energy conservation program by studying our electrical distribution network as well.

Electrical: Responsibilities

  • Installs, tests, calibrates and maintains electrical and electronic equipment
  • Sets up complex systems and equipment and identifies and corrects sources of breakdowns as well
  • Analyzes and corrects software and programming for new installations
  • Organizes the inspection and maintenance of lighting, fire alarm and gas detector systems
  • Installs, modifies, and maintains the central monitoring network’s electronic equipment: main control panels, local processing units, relays and sensors
  • Helps establish reference documents for electrical installations by verifying wiring diagrams, shop drawings, and instruction manuals
  • Repairs or replaces mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic or electronic components in electrical equipment
  • Responds to electrical service requests


The Instrumentation team ensures safe and comfortable temperature levels and air quality for the University community by monitoring and controlling all ventilation, heating, and cooling systems on campus; this includes classrooms, laboratories, residences, and sporting facilities.

Instrumentation: Responsibilities

  • Monitors and controls 450 ventilation systems and 136 heating/cooling loops
  • Monitors readings from nearly 140,000 control points on campus
  • Works with the Power Plant to implement monitoring and automation of critical equipment
  • Maintains 5,000 graphical user interfaces (GUI)
  • Creates GUI programs to allow users to monitor their own systems
  • Contributes to Facilities’ energy reduction programs by automating systems
  • Maintains network infrastructure and modernizes mechanical systems
  • Verifies and maintains laboratory fume hoods
  • Responds to service requests from the University community

Preventative Maintenance Program

Our team participates in the preventive and predictive maintenance program, which improves the performance and extends the life of building equipment as well as maintains and improves the functional and/or visual quality of indoor and outdoor spaces on campus. This strategy is based on measuring, adjusting, replacing, overhauling, or remanufacturing parts and items at fixed intervals.

Service Requests

A collage of photos of staff fixing lights opposite the living wall in FSS, checking cabling, and wearing an arc flash suit.
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