Are you interested in adding an international dimension to your program by studying, researching or working abroad? Our university offers many international mobility opportunities, allowing you to gain diverse experience in engineering and computer science.

International programs

Internationalization Portal

No matter where you are, discover the world through the Internationalization portal. On the platform, you will find various international opportunities that are available virtually to students, staff and partners. Learn more about the best practices, stay up to date with the latest trends in international education and enrich your path.

Exchange Program

Study at a partner university! The program allows our students to become true global citizens and educates graduates who are skilled and open to the world.

Engineering and computer science students can gain a new perspective during their academic experience at a partner institution, such as:

  • Australian National University, Australia (computer science)
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (software engineering)
  • National University of Singapore, Singapore (chemical engineering)
  • University of Southampton, United Kingdom (electrical engineering)
  • Newcastle University, United Kingdom (civil engineering)

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Summer Exchange Program

Study part-time abroad during the summer without having to pay international student fees. You get an automatic mobility scholarship of at least $500.

Research internships and other research opportunities

A variety of other programs offer research internships and scholarships to top students, such as:

  • Summer Undergraduate International Research Internships (SIRI)
  • Canada Learning Initiative in China (CLIC) - Undergraduate Research Internships
  • Ontario Universities International
  • and more!

CO-OP - International mobility

Benefit from the many international work experience opportunities offered by the Cooperative Education (CO-OP) Programs, which allow engineering and computer science students to develop unique skills in their field of interest.


The uOGlobal recognition acknowledges the skills you acquire through intercultural and international work and study experiences, both in Canada and abroad. If you are taking courses in a foreign language, volunteering or mentoring in a multicultural setting, or have already participated in an international exchange or CO-OP placement, you probably already meet some of the requirements for the uOGlobal recognition.

  • November 1st for activities that start in the following Winter term
  • March 1st for activities that start in the following Summer term
  • July 1st for activities that start in the following Fall term

The Globalink initiatives are for students and postdoctoral fellows at Canadian universities to do research abroad.

From our students' perspective

Alexander Cremer

Alexander Cremer

Program: Mechanical Engineering
Location: Tesla, California, United States
Activity: Co-op

"During the research for a placement in my 3rd year, I was offered an opportunity to work at Tesla in Fremont, California. I had never worked abroad before, so this was an exciting opportunity which ultimately turned into a fantastic work experience.

Working abroad is a great experience I encourage everyone to do. Many life lessons are learned living in a new city across the world. You will discover new cultures and learn how to adapt in a different environment. Being immersed in a foreign culture allows you to go outside of your comfort zone. It will give you a wider perspective on the world and will teach you what you really want in life. It also gives you the ability to see some of the country’s biggest attractions while working.

An exchange allows you to make connections across the world with others in your field. Creating connections gives you more opportunities in your future. Employers will recognize this experience and it will improve your future job options. To conclude, my time in San Francisco is something I will never forget, and something I encourage all students to pursue."

Safa Otoum

Safa Otoum

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
 Next Generation Communications and Computing Networks Laboratory, Clarkson, UniversityNew York, United States
Activity: Research

"My research focuses on investigating detection schemes, to identify attacks of different types on the smart grid network, and developing self-healing techniques (optimization and heuristics) to ensure network resilience. By having the opportunity to conduct my research there, I had unlimited access to their laboratory facilities and most importantly worked closely with the lab team which enhanced my knowledge and promoted my profile through such a synergistic environment.

The host setting allowed me to achieve my objectives and to overcome computational and equipment’s limitations here at uOttawa. I learned so much more than I expected! My favourite part during this international experience was having access to the heterogeneous mobile sensing environment including Internet of Everything (IoE) experiment kit by Etherios, wireless sensor evaluation testbed, computing resources, network analyzers, wireless access points, and RF energy harvesting test bed. Availability of this hardware helped me implement my proposed solutions on real test bed. This has also helped me have experience with large datasets and analytics-backed decision support. This learning experience will surely make my profile shine and open doors to new opportunities.

The information and acquired skills learned during the course of this internship will greatly help me achieve my goals toward my doctoral study. I'm extremely happy with the outcome and encourage all students to take advantage of the International opportunity scholarship. Thank you, uOttawa!"

Andrés Marsik

Andrés Marsik

Program: Biomedical Mechanical Engineering
Location: Japan
Activity: Co-op, research

As a Biomedical Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Ottawa, I had the opportunity to fulfill my dream of living in Japan. I did research and development within a Japanese company for 8 months as part of the Canada-Japan Co-op Program.

I was exposed to many research projects giving me the unique chance to explore my interests and discover new fields like regenerative medicine in which I hope to be involved later in my career. The biggest challenge of being abroad is at the same time its biggest reward: experiencing a new culture and opening your mind to a new language, a new way of doing things and most importantly to new people. It is scary to make the jump but I wholeheartedly push everyone to seek the opportunity of living abroad.

Veronika Cencen

Veronika Cencen

Program : Biomedical Engineering
Location : Princeton University, New Jersey, United States
Activity: Research

"The name Princeton certainly enriched my CV and helped me in obtaining future scholarships and positions. However, it also helped me grow, overcome new challenges, and make amazing connections. The financial help required for the trip was certainly one of the greatest gifts uOttawa could have given me. I also managed to join the running club and make the team (which I couldn't believe at first), practice gymnastics with the US national team, attend events, present at conferences, join student clubs, and work with a professor with a Slovenian heritage (same as myself!).

Professionally, the best part of my experience has been the chance to form new alliances and learn from the top in their field (Princeton is ranked first in the world for mathematics). As a bonus, I met up with old friends from my early years (in the 90s) who just happen to live there now. Oh, and seeing a Broadway show thanks to the student organization discount! "

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