uOttawa Faculty of Medicine Enhancement Year Program

uOttawa Faculty of Medicine Enhancement Year Program

The uOttawa Faculty of Medicine Enhancement Year program was launched in 2023 as part of the partnership between the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine and Khalifa University of Medicine and Health Sciences. This comprehensive and innovative program aims to prepare recent medical graduates for success in North American residency programs.

Program summary

Degree offered: certificate 

Program option (expected duration of the program): 12 months 

Academic level: Post-graduate Education 

Registration status options: Full-time 

Language of instruction: English 

Electives and Internships: clinical observerships and a community service learning (CSL) placement will take place during the academic program. 

Program calendar: July – June, on an adapted academic schedule that fits within the parameters of residency application deadlines and residency start dates. The program will be divided into four terms.  

*See below for academic calendar.

Admission requirements: Graduates from Khalifa University undergraduate medical education program. The program is currently closed to any other applicants.  

Program description

The primary objective of the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine Enhancement Year program is to help bridge recent medical graduates into North American residency programs. It includes clinical research training, clinical observerships, exam preparation career mentorship, residency interview preparation, and social medicine exposure. Trainees will have clear objectives and receive evaluations throughout the program. The Enhancement Year offers diverse learning opportunities in a cutting-edge environment with renowned experts, preparing trainees for successful careers in academic medicine. 

Upon completion of the Enhancement Year program, trainees will receive a certificate recognizing their successful completion of the program. This full-time, post-graduate level program offers a dynamic and state-of-the-art learning environment with renowned experts, ensuring trainees are well-prepared for their future careers in academic medicine.

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Program components

Academic calendar

Academic Calendar


Learning Activities 

Term 1 (July, August, September)

Clinical Bootcamps

MCCQE Preperation Courses 

Introduction to Clinical Research Project  

Term 2 (October, November, December)  

Epidemiology 1

Research Project

Term 3 (January, February, March)

CSL Placement

Biostatistics 1

Research Project

Term 4 (April, May, June)

MCCQE Practice Exams (if applicable)

Research Project (if applicable)

Pre-entry Assessment Program (for students transitioning into a residency program at uOttawa)

Holiday break

University is closed from 5 p.m. December 22, 2023, to 8:45 a.m. January 3, 2024. 

Students will also receive continuous career mentorship, residency interview coaching, and will participate in clinical observerships as well as Grand Rounds.