The Kuwait Mentoring Program (KMP) was launched in October, 2019 as part of the partnership between the University of Ottawa, the Ministry of Higher Education of Kuwait and the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Ottawa, Canada.

The primary objective of the Kuwait Program is for the Faculty of Medicine to provide individualized support and resources aimed at encouraging the Kuwait students to choose Medicine as a career path as well as developing their academic skills. The Kuwaiti students are expected to participate in the KMP and may be able to participate in a Medicine summer research studentship. The KMP is designed by the International and Global Health Office (IGHO) at the Faculty of Medicine.

Groups meet several times a year, either for a workshop or in a social setting. The focus of the gatherings is to provide an opportunity to exchange with experienced medical professionals and medical students. Discussion topics will include topics related to career planning, rewards and challenges at medical school and beyond in the MDs professional life.

To date, over forty-five students have been admitted since 2019; forty-two in the Faculty of Science, Bachelor of Science, and four in the Faculty of Medicine, Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME).