Are you a professor or staff at the Faculty of Medicine involved in international research or teaching opportunities and will be travelling to another country as part of this activity?

International and Global Health Office can support you in your international endeavours.

Let us know International and Global Health Office by contacting at [email protected] and we can:

  • Inform you about visa applications and possible risks your trip might entail
  • Provide information on travel and health insurance coverage
  • Provide information on uOttawa & Canadian embassy emergency contacts while you are abroad 
  • Celebrate your success upon your return to Ottawa

Staff mobility

The University of Ottawa recognizes that support staff play an important role in executing its Strategic Plan, this is why the International Office at uOttawa launched the International Staff Mobility program, which will allow support staff to benefit from professional development in an international environment.

Through these mobility opportunities, support staff will be able to exchange best practices with our partners, as well as be completely immersed in a new culture. This will allow them to develop international competencies, and in particular:

  • understanding cultural nuances
  • acquiring intercultural communication skills
  • appreciating the value of an international clinical or research elective for students at the Faculty of Medicine
  • bring back innovative ideas

More information regarding the eligibility criteria and how to apply for one of these international opportunities can be found on uOttawa International Office staff mobility page. 

COVID-19: Outgoing international travel

See the Global Affairs Canada destination advisories.

The evolving nature of COVID-19 means that travel and public health restrictions will continue to pose a challenge. Therefore, trips may be cancelled or delayed.  It is important for travellers to identify and mitigate travel-related risks.

There are no restrictions for professors and staff travelling abroad as long as they continue to register their trips with the University.  The uOttawa International Office offers travel support with International SOS through our Global Assistance Program (Membership ID: 27AYCA091396). International SOS can also serve as a direct connection with the University for travellers in need.   The uOttawa International Office encourages travellers to also register their trips with International SOS to receive travel alerts and up to date security information.

Travel abroad