The Project Management Office (PMO) of the Department of Family Medicine (DFM) leads the technical and innovative initiatives that embody the vision for the future of medical education. Our multidisciplinary team works alongside DFM's family medicine specialists, community and industry experts to respond to the growing demand for digital and asynchronous learning resources, catering to the needs of both our learners and faculty members.

By providing digital resources, we aim to enhance accessibility to cutting-edge medical education while meeting the needs of modern learners.

The DFM’s Project Management Office (PMO) is dedicated to:

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Being responsive, agile and accountable.

The PMO will ensure that the purpose, aim and vision of each project it undertakes aligns with the DFM’s mission, objectives and strategic plan. We will act as the point of contact for the project and are responsible for communication between stakeholders, end users and overall project team and will do so with respect and inclusivity. Our commitment includes creating and sharing digital projects that foster curriculum standardization across our academic units for a more streamlined learning experience. 

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Being Innovative and comprehensive.

We will seek ways to innovate our offerings so that we can market and attract top-level faculty, researchers, learners and administrative staff to our department; truly shaping Family Medicine’s impact.

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We will strategically collaborate across the University and with industry partners to leverage opportunities to advance Family Medicine teaching and learning methods. We will foster trust, accountability and collaboration among the project team, stakeholders and content contributors to ensure the technologies and applications developed are done so intentionally and transparently. Clear rationale will be provided around content development and the peer review process. Insights and analytics, costs, risks and data collection will be shared with appropriate parties to ensure we are providing inclusive, equitable learning resources that improve learning outcomes.


Innovation Portal users (since September 2023)


Residents introduced to the unique experience of learning through virtual reality


Residents equipped to incorporate anti-racist beliefs into their worldview and practice

Please feel free to contact our team by visiting our staff page.